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22 Feb 2013

Baby Blue in DS3 SuperCar

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Andreas Bakkerud has made his dream come true, the Norwegian is going to drive an almost 600bhp strong Citroën DS3 SuperCar in the 2013 RallycrossRX series.


His dream to promote to the top class of international Rallycross has come true now, Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud is ready for a European Rallycross Championship attempt with an almost 600bhp strong Citroën DS3 SuperCar. Today “Baby Blue” has tested the ultimate Rallycross machinery for the first time. “Yep, we have signed a deal with energy drink giant Monster Energy and one of the best teams in Europe. Now my dream has turned into reality”, claims Bakkerud with his well-known big grin.

The 21-years-old from the town of Bergen has already left his marks on the Norwegian motorsport scene. He won two ERC gold medals in the Super1600s category and has also claimed the prestigious awards ‘Carsport Talent of the Year’ and ‘Carsport Athlete of the Year’ of his native country. But now, however, he is ready for the biggest competition the sport of Rallycross has on offer. “We agreed with the English team Liam Doran Racing to drive one of their Citroën DS3 SuperCars this season. With a faster acceleration from standstill to 100kms than a Formula One racer this is truly one of the coolest things one can do in motorsport”, tells the eager youngster.

To cooperate with the international energy drink giant Monster Energy means a lot to the current and future situation of the Rallycross talent: “They are huge and represented in many action-sports arenas. Getting into their system can do a lot to my future career. Now I have a good and long term contract.” So far Bakkerud had great support from several local Bergen companies, and most of them are keen to support him on his further way. “Not all the financial pieces are in place yet, but it has never looked so good for me as it does now. It means a lot to me that many of my loyal sponsors will continue to go on with me, and there is still more hunger for gold in Bergen. However, this coming season the competition will be fierce. Therefore, the goal for this first SuperCar year is to perform at a steady level and to chase after good individual results”, says humble Bakkerud.

“Rallycross seems to get a big boost in the coming years and with IMG as the new promoter and drivers like former WRC star Petter Solberg on the grids could get increased attention and can reach a higher level for the sport. It’s pretty unreal to see all this. Just two years ago I was a mechanic for Petter [Solberg] and I looked up to the achievements he has scored in his career. But when this season starts we both will be close competitors, and, hey presto, he will only get to see my rear-lights”, claims “Baby Blue” with that usual big smile on his face.

Bakkerud’s car will be a Citroën DS3 owned and operated by the team of Liam Doran. The Briton became the runner-up of the 2012 FIA European Rallycross Championship with this very car, that got all the latest updates over the winter. So this should be some of the best equipment available. Team manager and driver colleague Doran is 25 years old, but already a merited driver with a 2011 X Games gold medal in his trophy collection. “It will be exciting work, and I think we can both help each other to develop our careers. I am very grateful to everyone who has contributed to this. The winter had a lot of hard work and ups and downs for me. But now all looks bright, spring is near, and I get to the point that all my wildest dreams come true. The start of the European Rallycross Championship season is on Easter Sunday at Lydden Hill in England and I will be there to give everything I can to compete at the very top”, says a truly motivated Andreas Bakkerud.


Photo: “Tell you what Petter, you will have to watch my rear-lights soon, Dude!” © JKR/ERC24