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JAN KÅRE RAFOSS (JKR) – Site Owner, Photographer and Editor

Running his own graphic design and photographic ‘iRafoss’ business in Norway and working mainly with clients in motorsport and motoring, Rafoss has worked as a photographer for Norwegian and Swedish drivers in the ERC since 2002 and runs the media service and acclaimed website for the Norwegian Rallycross Team. He is a regular contributor to magazines, websites and newspapers in Norway and Sweden. In 2005 JKR had the idea and gave the impetus to set up and, together with Briton Tim Whittington and Dutchman Henk de Winter, he became the co-founder of this by then all-new kind of Rallycross media. ERC24 subsequently turned into a worldwide known brand inside the FIA European Championship for Rallycross Drivers series and is now the Rallycross covering website with the highest daily traffic. Rafoss is a member of the Norwegian Sports Journalists Assosiation as well as ERPA (European Rallycross Press Association).

Contact: E-mail: jkr@erc24.comPhone: +47 97 19 64 03



RYAN SUTTON (RS) – Journalist

Joining ERC24 in early 2011, he embarked on his first full season covering the European Rallycross Championship. An aspiring journalist and writer who combines studying for a degree in English Literature at the University of Reading (England) with his passion for motorsport. Introduced to Rallycross as a child by his Father and Uncle, Ryan will continue to cover the ERC in 2012 as a reporter and as a press release writer – as well as writing and publishing outside of motorsport. Ryan is accredited by the UK Motorsports Association (MSA) and currently a membership candidate of ERPA (European Rallycross Press Association).

Contact: E-mail: rs@erc24.comPhone: +44 752 74 04 013



JAKUB NITKA (QBA) – Photographer and Site Editor

Jakub “Qba” Nitka is a University of Gdansk (Poland) Journalism graduate specializing in sports photography. He has been taking pictures in Rallycross for over 10 years and despite his young age, has extensive experience working on the tracks of the European championship. During the past seven seasons Qba has gained great popularity among the top drivers (Kenneth Hansen, Marcus Grönholm, Andréas Eriksson, Tanner Foust) and since 2008 he has been a member of ERPA (European Rallycross Press Association). As well as photography and design work, Qba has also provided car livery design for many of the ERC competitors.

Contact: E-mail: qba@erc24.comPhone: +48 602 22 34 89



EDDI LAUMANNS (EL) – Journalist and Rallycross Historian

Tagged as “Rallycross Guru” by Austrian and Swiss motorsport journalists in the early 1980s, German Eddi Laumanns attended his first ever Rallycross event in 1974 at Valkenswaard. In 1976 he started to write about Rallycross for different international media and became a regular member of the press at Valkenswaard and Maasmechelen. Starting in 1977, for a quarter of a century he also took photos of his beloved motorsport. Between 1978 and 2001 he covered the European Rallycross Championship for magazines and newspapers all over Europe, and over a period of 20 years did not miss out a single ERC event. Getting tired of all the travelling, since 2002 Laumanns attends only some selected ERC rounds every year, but keeps on writing about all aspects of Rallycross. The journalist/photographer has published 12 so-called ‘Rallycross Yearbooks’ as well as 17 ‘Rallycross Calendars’ during his more busy years and is nowadays rated by media colleagues as well as many motorsport fans “the walking encyclopedia of Rallycross”. The co-founder (together with his Norwegian colleague Henning Isdal) of the European Rallycross Press Association is also the ERPA President since its foundation in 1982.

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