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WorldRX Photo Service

ERC24 provides a photo service for drivers, teams, sponsors, organisers, media and others in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. We deliver your photos to a secure web page,, where you, your PR team or webmaster can download and use them immediately. We have four different media packages available for drivers and teams: RX1, RX2, RX3 and RX4.

For sponsors, organisers and media, sign on for custom request to



Full season photography with pictures from a mix of action, podium and paddock scenes from each race weekend. Amount of pictures will vary, but in a normal race weekend there will be 10 to 20 high quality pictures of each driver. This service gives you full access to all our images. If for instance we have 50 quality pictures, they are all included at no extra costs at your request. You will also receive a strong reduction on the prices from our huge digital image archive, if you want pictures from the past.

All pictures uploaded to your media gallery at after each raceday. Each team will have their own media gallery with a password protected login. Where you, your publicity team or webmaster can download and use images immediately.
Standard rate RX1: Request for price here!



Five to eight high-res photographs per race delivered within Monday around 16.00 CET to your media gallery at Photographs may be a mix of action, podium and paddock scenes.
Standard rate RX2: Request for price here!




Three high-res photographs from each day delivered sometime during Friday, Saturday and Sunday to your media gallery at Photographs may be a mix of action, podium and paddock scenes.
Standard rate RX3: Request for price here!




For those who do not need a fast delivery during the race weekends, we offer a service which provides all photographs of your car and team from an event uploaded to your media gallery at during the week following the event.
Standard rate RX4: Request for price here!




All our original images are safely stored, both online as well as in a local network system with a daily back-up system. This service secures your images for the future. Our digital archive and professional experience covers the past 15 years of Rallycross. On request we can also offer Rallycross pictures of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, all taken by ERC24’s so-called ‘Rallycross Guru’, German freelance motorsport journalist Eddi Laumanns.

Photos supplied are licensed for free editorial use. All our photographers are licensed by IMG’s 2015 rules for commercial photography*.

We have also good support from one or two additional commercial photographers* if more images are needed. At no extra costs!

*NOTE: For 2015 IMG has introduced a commercial photography access fee whereby only commercial photographers who pay an event fee have the right to sell photographs to teams and drivers. Any photographers who are illegally selling to teams and/or drivers without this commercial permission will be denied access to further WorldRX events. So please ensure that you are dealing with by IMG recognised ‘commercial photographers’ only.




Jan K. Rafoss – skills and expertise:

  • Norwegian Autosport Photographer of the Year 2008
  • 3rd place Top Gear Live Oslo 2011 – Photocontest
  • Founder and owner of
  • 15 years of professional Rallycross knowledge.
  • Attended a total of almost 200 Rallycross events as a professional photographer.
  • Widely known and rated as leading photographer within the Rallycross industry.
  • High skills in Adobe Photoshop editing, Multimedia design, Social media, Webeditor, etc.


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Posted by ERC24 – European Rallycross Championship on 29. april 2015