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24 Feb 2013

The Rallycross Challenge

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PR: The European Rallycross Challenge, abbreviated to ERC, will change it’s name to The Rallycross Challenge.


FIA explained their concerns about the abbreviation which might cause confusion with the European Rally Championship (ERC), promoted by Eurosport. In an agreement with the FIA the abbreviation ERC will not be used for The Rallycross Challenge anymore. Although this means there will be some changes in communication etc. The Rallycross Challenge is happy to cooperate with the FIA as confusion serves none of the parties involved, plus the new name has an ever bigger focus on what it’s all about: Rallycross.

A change of name doesn’t mean a change of plans!

The Rallycross Challenge is a central European competition that fills the gap between national championships and the FIA European Rallycross Championship. It’s not competing with any other competition, The Rallycross Challenge welcomes all Rallycross driver to perform in one or more of the spectacular Challenge rounds on dates their agenda is still open. The goal is to organise a professional, affordable challenge that results in attractive races for drivers and fans. Based on 40 years of experience The Rallycross Challenge aims to spread it’s passion for Rallycross and does this with clear regulations, friendly entry fees, attractive prize money and low ticket rates for the fans to enjoy their sport. The Rallycross Challenge’s new logo is revealed on the current Facebook, Twitter and website. The new url’s, which will be used to inform drivers, fans and everybody with a passion for the sport, will be revealed soon.