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27 Feb 2013

B my baby

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German Jack of all trades Rolf Volland has an impressive 600bhp strong Audi Sport quattro S1E2 Group B monster replica in his Bavarian stables now, ready for use as an action taxi for daredevils…


Multiple European Autocross and German Rallycross Champion Rolf Volland may have pulled the plug on his own competition career, but he is still busy in the European Rallycross scene working with Russian Super1600 regular Vadim Makarov. And apart from developing an electric SuperCar for Rallycross use, the Bavarian is now offering rides in a replica of one of the most impressive cars the motorsports of Rallying and Rallycross have ever seen competing.

During the halcyon days of the Group B machinery Audi produced a total of 220 Audi Sport quattro cars, many of them for road use or car collectors. The first version for Rallying got the tag S1 from Audi Sport, while the later 20 so-called “wing monsters” for evolution purposes were tagged E2 (aka S1E2), according to the FIA/FISA rules of those days. After the Group B cars had been banned from the World Rally Championship (WRC) venues a handful of the short Sport quattros showed up in Rallycross with engines of up to almost 700bhp. Some of them were S1s (hence without wings), others had S1E2s look-alikes, and at least three were true factory E2s (Herbert Breiteneder, Sven Lestander and Bert Brodin).

The car Rolf Volland has on offer for the ultimate passenger experience is a 600bhp replica of an S1E2. From standstill to 100kms/h “der Kurze” [the Short] accelerates in just about 2.5 seconds, done within 40 meters only. If it is YOU to fancy a ride on a rocket you just need to empty your piggy-bank and to get in touch with Volland Motorsport in the German town of Hilpoltstein. Experienced Rally or Rallycross drivers are available to be your very own cabby…