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29 Mar 2013

Anton Marklund’s 2013

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Invited by ERC24 Swede Anton Marklund is sharing exclusive 2013 information with all our readers here.


Tjenare! Now it’s getting close to this year’s FIA European Rallycross Championship, organised by IMG. It takes place at Lydden Hill.

It will be great fun but also very relaxing to pull off after all the hard work that my team and my manager, Ian at TheKinc, have done for me to this season. But the hard work has paid off! We will run throughout the European series in the highest class SuperCars, where we face a wide starting field. It feels like everyone at the starting line may be a winner when the race is decided on Monday evening.

We will also drive in X Games events arranged by ESPN. There I will be set against 15 top drivers, among them we find superstars like Ken Block, Travis Pastrana and Tanner Foust. I’m so pumped up for this opportunity!

Marklund Motorsport has during the winter built and developed a new Volkswagen Polo T16 together with Ingvar Gunnarsson Motorsport and Trollspeed. It is that Polo I will run on both sides of the Atlantic ocean this year. I’ve never been so psyched to pull off a season as I’m now and I think we have great chances in England. We are perhaps the best prepared team after 6 months of testing with our Polo. But as I said, it’s the toughest starting field ever set up, if you ask me. So I’m happy if I get myself to a semi-final in my first race at this level in a SuperCar.

There will be an incredible fun season and you will be able to follow me here on but also on my /MarklundAnton.

Have a great Easter weekend and I hope that I will see you out on the tracks!


Yours truly, Anton

Marklund Motorsport



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