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13 May 2013

NLRC: Van Mechelen again

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The second round of the Dutch Rallycross Championship at Valkenswaard saw Patrick Van Mechelen, Peter van de Wege, Willem Slob, Davy Leysen and Johan Kwinten as winners of the five different classes.


Yesterday’s second round of the Dutch Rallycross Championship [but in Holland for many a year tagged as ‘RallyRacing championship] saw a total of almost 90 starters, but just 4 competitors in the SuperCars category. Belgian Patrick Van Mechelen, who had already won the season opener four weeks ago, claimed once again overall victory of the top class. The Ford Fiesta Mk7 campaigner drove the fastest times in all three qualifying heats, although only taking part in the third runs to test his new car’s set-up and without intention to win here. In the last race of the day the Belgian won the start and was then dog-hounded by Dutch-Italian Jos Kuijpers in the new Ford Focus Mk3. However, after “Giuseppe” made a mistake in the fourth lap there was no pressure on PVM any longer and the former Subaru driver bagged his second 2013 NLRC victory in a row.

Similar situation among the Super1600 drivers, Dutchman Peter van de Wege (Toyota Yaris Mk1) also repeated his April victory, winning the final race from Belgian Davy Van Den Branden (Citroën DS3) and his compatriot Marcel Snoeijers (Renault Mégane Mk3). In the TouringCars category Belgian Filip Baelus (Volvo C30/4) did not qualify for the final after setting only one time, in the second runs. Dutch lady Mandy Kasse (Ford Fiesta Mk7 RWD) looked as if being able to win the event, till she faced technical troubles again. To the advantage of her fellow-countryman Willem Slob (VW Golf Mk4 RWD) who won the final from Belgian Ivo Van den Brandt (Mitsubishi Colt CZT RWD).

The two SuperNational classes had once again the best entry lists, but beside two lonely Dutch drivers they are ruled by the Belgian guests. However, homeboy Johan Kwinten (BMW E30) made the smaller category his by winning from the two Belgian Toyota campaigners Marc Vleeschouwers (Corolla) and Martijn Vanhove (MR2 Mk1). Victory of the bigger class was scored by Davy Leysen (BMW E36), after Kristof Bex had thrown his Volvo S40 Mk1 into the “kitty-litter” beside the chicane. Runner-up became Leysen’s make-colleague Frans De Wit (BMW E36 Compact) while third place fell prey to Steve Volders (Ford Escort Mk1).


  • 1. Patrick Van Mechelen (B) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 2. Jos Kuijpers (I) Ford Focus Mk3
  • 3. Ron Snoeck (NL) Seat Leon Mk2
  • 4. Ronny Scheveneels (B) VW Scirocco Mk3
  • 1. Peter van de Wege (NL) Toyota Yaris Mk1
  • 2. Davy Van Den Branden (B) Citroën DS3
  • 3. Marcel Snoeijers (NL) Renault Mégane Mk3
  • 4. Thijs Heezen (NL) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 5. Jan Petersen (DK) Citroën C2
  • 6. Gerjo de Brouwer (NL) Suzuki Swift Sport RS
  • 7. Willem Veltman (NL) Citroën C2
  • 8. Dennis van Rijn (NL) Škoda Fabia Mk2
  • 1. Willem Slob (NL) VW Golf Mk4 RWD
  • 2. Ivo Van den Brandt (B) Mitsubishi Colt CZT RWD
  • 3. Mandy Kasse (NL) Ford Fiesta Mk7 RWD
  • 1. Davy Leysen (B) BMW E36
  • 2. Frans De Wit (B) BMW E36 Compact
  • 3. Steve Volders (B) Ford Escort Mk1
  • 4. Johan Sleeckx (B) BMW 1 E87
  • 5. Roland Myny (B) Volvo S40 Mk2
  • 6. Kristof Bex (B) Volvo S40 Mk1
  • 7. Danny De Beuckelaer (B) Opel Corsa B
  • 8. Peter Thijs (B) BMW E36 Coupé
  • 1. Johan Kwinten (NL) BMW E30
  • 2. Marc Vleeschouwers (B) Toyota Corolla
  • 3. Martijn Vanhove (B) Toyota MR2 Mk1
  • 4. Joël Strackx (B) Honda Civic EK4
  • 5. Luc Slachmuylders (B) Rover MG ZR
  • 6. Peter Barnhoorn (B) BMW E36
  • 7. Marc Vandenbergh (B) Seat Ibiza Mk2
  • 8. Pedro Cokelaere (B) Honda Civic EK4