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16 May 2013

SRC: Johan K. wins debut

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While Johan Kristoffersson won the SC demo run at Strängnäs victory of the Swedish Rallycross Championship classes were claimed by Daniel Wall in SuperNationals, “Fidde” in SuperNationals 2400 and Tommy Johansson among the Juniors.


Last weekend Round 1 of the Swedish Rallycross Championship was held at the Strängnäs Motorstadion, just a few kilometres away from the 13,000 inhabitants’ town of Strängnäs in the province Södermanlands län. With a total of 90 drivers in the four different classes the event was well attended, however the SuperCars category demo race did not count for the SRC and attracted just three competitors. Therefore Rallycross newcomer Johan Kristoffersson had not much opposition to fear and eventually made it to an unchallenged victory.

“I feel that I get into Rallycross more and more, as long as we talk about pure driving. But of course there is a lot of new impressions and things for me that are completely different from circuit racing, such as the starting procedures and the alternative track section for the Joker Lap. However, I felt much quicker comfortable than I had actually expected”, claimed the son of ex-Rallycrosser Tommy Kristoffersson later on. “Okay, there was just a small line-up here, but it was a tough competition nevertheless. Anyway, I was not thinking much about my competitors, but was mainly concentrating on my own driving and trying to improve myself. It is probably one of my greatest assets as a racer, to do just that”, said Johan Kristoffersson.

In SuperNationals it was Volvo station wagon campaigner David Wall who drove his amazing V40 to victory. Wall won the start of the A final and was dog-hounded by Sebastian Eriksson for the first laps. However, after some fighting, changing places and all had done their Joker Laps it was Wall who was back in the lead again to eventually win his class from Jimmy Holmkvist and Ulf Eriksson. Similar situation in SuperNationals 2400 when “Fidde” [aka Fredrik Rosengren] powered his BMW E30 Coupé into the lead, then charged for a while by make-colleague Niclas Norström. After driving his Joker Lap “Fidde” almost lost his first place to Norström, but it was Mercedes driver “Gummse” [aka Lars-Johan Johansson] who took advantage from the argument of the two BMW drivers to eventually grab the second place behind “Fidde”. Among the Juniors there was no-one who could keep up with the speed of Tommy Johansson. The BMW E36 driver run away with a start-to-finish victory, second place went to Pontus Jakobsson while Andreas Persson made it to third.


  • 1. Johan Kristoffersson (S) VW Scirocco Mk3
  • 2. Mats Öhman (S) Volvo S40 Mk2
  • 3. Tomas Andersson (S) BMW 1 E81
  • 1. Daniel Wall (S) Volvo V40
  • 2. Jimmy Holmkvist (S) Volvo S40
  • 3. Ulf Eriksson (S) BMW E30 Coupé
  • 4. Fredrik Tiger (S) BMW E36 Coupé
  • 5. Sebastian Eriksson (S) Volvo S40
  • 6. Linus Westman (S), BMW E30 Coupé
  • 1. “Fidde” (S) BMW E30 Coupé
  • 2. “Gummse” (S) Mercedes C203
  • 3. Mattias Ohlsson (S) BMW E30 Coupé
  • 4. Robin Larsson (S) Škoda Fabia Mk1 RWD
  • 5. Niclas Norström (S) BMW E36
  • 6. Fredrik Larsson (S) Hyundai Accent
  • 1. Tommy Johansson (S) BMW E36
  • 2. Pontus Jakobsson (S) Peugeot 205
  • 3. Andreas Persson (S) BMW E36
  • 4. Rasmus Carlsson (S) Citroën Saxo
  • 5. Marcus Svärd (S) Opel Astra F
  • 6. Anton Isaksson (S) BMW E36