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24 May 2013

PR: Mitchell DeJong

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He may only be a teenager, but don’t let his age fool you – Mitchell DeJong is one of the top young talents in American motorsport.


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With nine championships in the past six years, including his first professional title in the Pro Buggy class of the TORC Series just last year, DeJong already has a résumé that would make most drivers feel insecure. He’ll look to build further on that résumé in 2013 by joining GRC Lites, immediately establishing himself as a championship favorite. “Ever since Rallycross made it’s debut in X Games Los Angeles, I was captivated,” admits DeJong. “Since I have always raced both pavement and dirt, Rallycross caught my attention as being the best of both worlds and I was determined to race in it.”

The 15-year-old DeJong had his first test in the GRC Lites car just last week at Irwindale Speedway, working with Andréas Eriksson and OlsbergsMSE. “It’s the funnest vehicle I’ve ever driven,” DeJong says. “All the aspects involved to drive this car keep you busy and constantly thinking – never a dull moment. There was only time for a few sessions, but that was enough for me to be hooked.”

For DeJong, GRC Lites presents a unique opportunity to continue moving forward in his career, having already conquered karting, desert racing, and short course championships. “The addition of the GRC Lites class makes it possible for me to drive a Rallycross car at my age,” DeJong notes. “So that works for me! But besides that, I think it will really help me sharpen my racing skills. I’m really looking forward to this new challenge and the competition.”

But DeJong also has his eyes on the bright future ahead of him. The ultimate prize of the GRC Lites championship is the opportunity to drive an OMSE SuperCar in 2014, and he is determined to be the driver who earns the seat. “My personal goal is to be at the top of my sport, racing in the highest levels with the elite drivers and winning championships,” DeJong says. “I’m hoping to transition into the SuperCars for the 2014 season.”


Photo: Mitchell DeJong and OMSE principal Andréas Eriksson pictured at Irwindale. © MDJ/ERC24