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07 Jun 2013

SRC/FRC: Round-up

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The weekend of June 1 and 2 had Rallycross championship rounds of Sweden and France on offer, the Westombanan near Arvika and the Circuit des Tourneix at Châteauroux St.-Maur were the venues.


SRC: The second round of the Swedish Rallycross Championship was held on Saturday June 1 at the legendary Westombanan west of [Swedish: west om] Arvika, the hometown of Johan Kristoffersson. As told before, the SuperCars feature in this year’s SRC rounds as a support class for demonstration runs only, with the target to bring the Rallycross top category back to old glory from 2014 on. While five drivers had entered this time just three of them arrived at the Värmland venue. Kristoffersson Junior eventually defeated home soil against Norwegian Stein Egil Jenssen. Kristoffersson later: “We’ve worked a lot to develop the car and, thereby, made a good leap forward. I was able to drive faster and felt much better than in Strängnäs. However, there are still things to improve. Especially my launches must become better, seen that I lost two of the four starts to Jenssen here.”

In SuperNationals BMW campaigner Fredrik Tiger was back as known force, claiming victory from first round [Strängnäs] winner Daniel Wall and Norwegian guest driver Stian Haugan. Among the SuperNational 2400 men victory fel prey to Linus Leise, the BMW driver beating Fredrik Larsson and Mattias Ohlsson to second and respectively third place, Strängnäs winner “Fidde” finished fifth this time. The Junior class was for the second consecutive time dominated by Tommy Johansson and his BMW E36. Runner-up here became Rasmus Carlsson while Andreas Persson claimed as third overall the lowest stair of the Arvika rostrum.

  • Round 2, Swedish Rallycross Championship, Arvika, June 1
  • 1. Johan Kristoffersson (S) VW Scirocco Mk3
  • 2. Stein Egil Jenssen (N) Ford Focus Mk2
  • 1. Fredrik Tiger (S) BMW E36 Coupé
  • 2. Daniel Wall (S) Volvo V40
  • 3. Stian Haugan (N) Citroën Xsara
  • 4. Linus Westman (S) BMW E30 Coupé
  • 5. Jimmy Holmkvist (S) Volvo S40
  • 6. Sebastian Eriksson (S) Volvo S40
  • 1. Linus Leise (S) BMW E30 Coupé
  • 2. Fredrik Larsson (S) Hyundai Accent
  • 3. Mattias Ohlsson (S) BMW E30 Coupé
  • 4. Viktor Johansson (S) BMW E30
  • 5. “Fidde” (S) BMW E30 Coupé
  • 6. Per Berglund (S) Volvo S40
  • 1. Tommy Johansson (S) BMW E36
  • 2. Rasmus Carlsson (S) Citroën Saxo
  • 3. Andreas Persson (S) BMW E36
  • 4. Marcus Carlsson (S) Volvo 240
  • 5. Jimmy Karlsson (S) Opel Vectra
  • 6. Marcus Svärd (S) Opel Astra F


FRC: Round 2 of the French Rallycross Championship at the Circuit des Tourneix at Châteauroux St.-Maur attracted just 8 entries in SuperCars. The FRC season opener at Essay was also a round of the Rallycross Challenge Europe (RCE) as well as counting for the Belgian Rallycross Championship (BRC), thereby “hiding” with 18 starters the current rather poor situation of the top category in France. Last year the Châteauroux FRC round had 14 entries…

Jérôme Grosset-Janin was the best French driver at Essay, at Tourneix the Renault Clio Mk3 campaigner won again. Christophe Wilt claimed second place while Rallycross veteran Hervé “Knapick” made it to third. In Super1600s Rallycross lady Adeline Sangnier was beaten to second place by Jean-Baptiste Dubourg, David Olivier completed the podium as third overall. While victory of Division 3 was bagged by Jonathan Pailler in Division 4 the event finished with an overall win bagged by Jimmy Terpereau.

The new one-make cup series ‘Coupe Twingo R1 Rallycross’ was launched at the Circuit des Tourneix, no less than 25 drivers started their shorter season [7 instead of 9 FRC rounds] with identical Renault Twingo Mk2 cars. The R1 for Rallycross has a 133bhp strong 16valve engine, the minimum weight is 1050kgs with the driver on board. The series has replaced the former Dacia Logan Cup, that was run for five years, from 2008 till 2012. The inaugural event was won by Fabien Grosset-Janin, the 2012 overall winner of the Logan cup series.

  • Round 2, French Rallycross Championship, Châteauroux, June 1–2
  • 1. Jérôme Grosset-Janin (F) Renault Clio Mk3
  • 2. Christophe Wilt (F) Citroën C4
  • 3. Hervé “Knapick” (F) Citroën DS3
  • 4. Stéphane de Ganay (F) Peugeot 207
  • 5. Christophe Jouet (F) Peugeot 207
  • 6. Pascal Zalesny (F) Citroën Xsara
  • 1. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (F) Renault Clio Mk2
  • 2. Adeline Sangnier (F) Citroën C2
  • 3. David Olivier (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 4. Fabien Chanoine (F) Dacia Sandero
  • 5. Dorian Launay (F) Citroën Saxo
  • 6. Laurent Chartrain (F) Citroën C2
  • 7. Emmanuel Martin (F) Peugeot 206
  • 8. Franck Hello (F) Citroën Saxo
  • 1. Jonathan Pailler (F) Peugeot 206
  • 2. Xavier Briffaud (F) Renault Clio Mk3
  • 3. Florent Béduneau (F) BMW MINI Cooper
  • 4. Christophe Saunois (F) Toyota Corolla
  • 5. Marc Morize (F) Peugeot 207
  • 6. Patrick Guillerme (F) Peugeot 307
  • 7. Laurent Jacquinet (F) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 8. Stéphane Drean (F) Renault Clio Mk3
  • 1. Jimmy Terpereau (F) Audi A3
  • 2. Steven Lefrançois (F) Peugeot 206
  • 3. Sébastien Guillemaud (F) Peugeot 306
  • 4. Gilles Lambert (F) Honda Civic Mk7 Type-R
  • 5. Florian Zavattin (F) Renault Clio Mk3
  • 6. Nicolas Bézard (F) Honda Civic Mk7 Type-R
  • 7. Marc Pouderoux (F) Peugeot 306
  • 8. Christophe Barbier (F) Peugeot 206
  • 1. Fabien Grosset-Janin (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 2. Tom Daunat (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 3. Aurélien Crochard (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 4. Julien Anodeau (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 5. Andréa Dubourg (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 6. Firmin Cadeddu (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 7. Enzo Libner (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 8. Ayrton Boris (F) Renault Twingo Mk2