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12 Jul 2013

GRC: An OMSE 1–2–3

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After claiming Munich2 Finn Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen won his second consecutive GRC round at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway from his three OMSE teammates Patrik Sandell, Brian Deegan and Tanner Foust.


It all looked like a clear victory for American Rallycross star Tanner Foust already. The Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST campaigner was leading the Final of Round 4 of the Global RallyCross Championship for all the way – till the very last corner. In sight of the chequered flag the double defending GRC champion made a mistake that cost him dear, locking his brakes to slam his 560bhp SuperCar into the track wall. “Tough break today. After leading the final for 9 laps, I cut to the inside to protect the line, lost traction under braking on the gravel and hit hard on the last turn. Congrats to Toomas Topi Heikkinen and Ford Racing on a 1-2-3 finish!” stated poor Foust later on.

Behind Tanner Foust there was a continuing battle between Swede Patrik Sandell and Finn Toomas Heikkinen. “Topi” had done his Joker Lap detour already during the third lap, without losing a position. When Sandell played his Joker in lap nine the Finn was close enough to the Swede to take second place over, till all of a sudden getting victory thrown right into his hands by Foust just a little later. Behind runner-up Sandell it was American Brian Deegan who also took advantage from Foust’s mistake, bringing his car home into third place to produce an all OlsbergsMSE winners podium at NHMS. “It feels really good to once again step up to the podium and take important points for the championship. The running works well and I know that a victory is near,” said happy Patrik Sandell.

Behind the OMSE foursome with Ken Block it was the fifth Fiesta ST driver in a row to cross the finish line. However, the “Hoonigan in Chief” was not too happy about his result: “Really tough end to an otherwise great day of racing for me. I was fastest in qualifying, won my heat, had a decent start in the final – and it pretty much ended in the Rallycross ‘first corner gamble’. Sucks to put in so much work and a great drive just to have it end at the beginning of the Final. Still pushed hard and finished 5th overall though.”

Threefold European Rallycross Champion Sverre Isachsen from Norway finished the New Hampshire GRC round in sixth place. During the Final the Subaru Impreza driver had some trouble with the power output of his engine. “The speed was good all day, but there were some car troubles in the Final. But sixth place is quite OK. I was also nice to Ken Block in the Final. I had the chance to push him [as revenge to the Munich X Games attack Block vs Isachen, that cost the Norwegian dear], but I did not do it. Now, I’m looking forward to next week’s Bristol GRC round,” the “Viking Warrior” stated later in the evening.

2012 event winner Travis Pastrana reached the Final via the ‘Last Chance Qualifier’, but did not make it to a podium result this time. Hampered by a flat rear tyre the Dodge Dart driver limped towards the finish line to reach the chequered flag after nine laps. “I bumped into Ken Block. I was trying to go around him on the inside and he kind of slid to a stop. When I hit him, I bounced off and ended up with a flat tyre. That’s racing I guess. It’s just frustrating,” claimed Pastrana after the event.


See a 9 minutes long video of the SuperCars Final here.


Alongside the SuperCars event the public at Loudon witnessed the first ever competition of the new ‘GRC Lites’ class. Seen that in the main category there were just 13 starters in New Hampshire, the 9 cars strong “young blood class” proved its potential. The six cars Final start here was won by Sebastian Eriksson, but it was Finn Joni Wiman who, after about half of the way to chequers, grabbed the lead to win the inaugural event from his two Swedish pursuers Sebastian Eriksson and unrelated Kevin Eriksson.


More NHMS pictures to be found here in our Gallery.


  • 1. Toomas Heikkinen (FIN) Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST
  • 2. Patrik Sandell (S) Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST
  • 3. Brian Deegan (USA) Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST
  • 4. Tanner Foust (USA) Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST
  • 5. Ken Block (USA) Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST
  • 6. Sverre Isachsen (N) Subaru Impreza GR
  • 7. Travis Pastrana (USA) Dodge Dart – 9 laps
  • 8. “Bucky” Lasek (USA) Subaru Impreza GR – 7 laps
  • DNF Scott Speed (USA) Ford Fiesta Mk7 – 1 lap
  • HEAT 1: (6 laps – Top 2 advanced)
  • 1. Ken Block
  • 2. Brian Deegan
  • 3. Scott Speed
  • 4. Nelson Piquet Jr.
  • 5. Dave Mirra
  • HEAT 2: (6 laps – Top 2 advanced)
  • 1. Toomas Heikkinen
  • 2. Patrik Sandell
  • 3. “Bucky” Lasek
  • 4. Steve Arpin
  • HEAT 3: (6 laps – Top 2 advanced)
  • 1. Tanner Foust
  • 2. Sverre Isachsen
  • 3. Travis Pastrana
  • 4. Bryce Menzies
  • LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER (4 laps – Top 3 advanced)
  • 1. Travis Pastrana
  • 2. Scott Speed
  • 3. “Bucky” Lasek
  • 4. Nelson Piquet Jr.
  • 5. Bryce Menzies
  • 1. Joni Wiman (FIN) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 2. Sebastian Eriksson (S) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 3. Kevin Eriksson (S) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 4. Mitchell DeJong (USA) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 5. Alexander Westlund (S) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 6. Austin Dyne (USA) Ford Fiesta Mk7



The full 122 minutes video from New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Pictures from the race and the post-event meeting with the press.