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24 Nov 2013

WRX: 2014 to Canada?

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After news from Canada it is expected that Québec is set to host a round of the 2014 FIA World Rallycross series for the North American continent.


It looks likely that one round of the on December 4 by the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) in Paris to be confirmed 2014 FIA World Rallycross Championship calendar will make part of the 2014 Grand Prix (GP3R) at the Circuit Trois-Rivières at Québec in Canada, planned to be held on August 8 to 10. According to Canadian press the Rallycross track shall use sections of the street course as well as parts of the 100% gravel horse track oval [Hippodrome] adjacent to the temporary racing circuit, that is located at the ‘Terrain de l’Exposition’ fairground. It was also revealed in Canada that the CEO of GP3R, Dominic Fugère, has recently been to Paris to negotiate with the FIA about bringing the WRXC event to Québec.


Photo: Start of a single seater race of the 2011 Grand Prix Trois-Rivières. © Wikipedia/Hjc2010/ERC24