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20 Jan 2014

WRX: Topi with VW Polo

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Toomas Heikkinen has released on his Facebook that he is making an attempt on the 2014 WorldRX series in a SuperCar of Marklund Motorsport.


The 2013 Global RallyCross champion’s message on Facebook: “After succesfull last year and winning Global Rallycross Championship my goal has been to win a new World Rallycross Championship since. I want to thank Jan Marklund this opportunity to join Marklund Motorsport. VW Polo WRX car is a new experience for me but potential is there. RX is growing fast and new manufacturers are now joining the sport. It’s impossible to argue how competitive are we in the beginning but for sure we’ll do everything in order to succeed. I’m confident that we can develop together the winning car. My only goal is to win World Rallycross Championship with Marklund Motorsport and nothing less.”


Photo: Reigning GRC champion Topi Heikkinen has joined Marklund Motorsport for a 2014 WorldRX programme. © MM/ERC24