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22 Jan 2014

SRC: Eye of the Tiger

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Threefold Swedish SuperNational champion Fredrik Tiger is set to enter the 2015 WorldRX series after a full ‘RallyX SuperCar Scandinavia’ programme in 2014.


“The Tiger is on the run now, and I guarantee he will take up full speed,” claims Fredrik Tiger from the town of Kalix in the north of Sweden. This season the 42-year-old will compete against the Swedish Rallycross elite in the all-new STCC SRC series, but from 2015 on the for many a year BMW campaigner is going to set his aims much higher. A World Rallycross Championship (WRX) attempt is his future target – and Tiger hopes to be backed by the car manufacturer BMW then.

“My Rallycross Ford Focus Mk1 SuperCar for 2014 is quite old, but still in a very good condition. It was originally built and driven by Michael Jernberg and later used by Mats Öhman. It has all the right stuff in it, the almost 600bhp strong engine is state of the art, and Mats has updated the drive-train and the whole suspension to the latest specs. They say its launch is like a kick up the arse, and I hope it really is. The possibility to take it over appeared, it was the right car at the right time, and my sponsors agreed to have a go for it,” told the 2009, 2010 and 2012 ‘Super Nationell’ champion yesterday to the press. A three years programme has already started and the 2016 World Rallycross title is in the Eye of the Tiger now.


Photo: The ex-Jernberg and ex-Öhman Ford Focus Mk1 shall be replaced by a BMW SuperCar in 2015. © FT/ERC24