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18 Feb 2014

PR: P1 Racing Fuels

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P1 Racing Fuel has been selected as the control fuel for the upcoming three FIA World Rallycross Championships.


P1 Racing Fuels, a widely respected industry brand of high-quality component-based racing fuels was selected by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) as the official fuel for the upcoming three years of the World Rallycross Championship (WRX). Race Republic, the P1 Racing Fuels distributor, will handle fuel delivery to all of the events scheduled around the world. Race Republic will provide the same refuelling services to the WRX as its known for at the European Rally Championship. This initiative will strengthen the promoters and FIA’s target to minimise risk at the events and reduce the burden on the competing teams.

“I’m happy that the FIA along with the promoter of the series have recognised the quality of P1 Fuel and selected it as the official fuel of the WRX championship. It’s also safe to note that the decision will move the championship a step forward by enforcing all international legislative rules for fuel transport and manipulation,” states Martin Popilka, Managing Director of Race Republic.

Race Republic will provide P1 Racing Fuels 102 RX which was engineered to the updated 2014 FIA technical specifications and reflects the latest technology in Rallycross fuel development. Compared to other fuels that conform to FIA specifications, P1 102 RX produces significantly more power. Similarly to P1 Racing Fuel’s entire line-up, the 102 RX is a component-based fuel which ensures that it will be strictly consistent throughout the season allowing the teams to utilise maximum power from their racing engines while keeping them safe from malfunctions caused by inconsistent fuels.

“Being awarded the World Rallycross Championship’s sole fuel supplier highlights our strategy to provide race series organisers a full race fuel solution for their championships, helping them meet the ever increasingly stricter international legislation and environmental requirements,” Martin Popilka mentioned.


Photo: For the next three years the cars of RallycrossRX are run with P1 control fuel. © JKR/ERC24