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10 Mar 2014

RallyX: Åsmund Holten to Lites

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Norwegian 16 years old Åsmund Holten is ready to participate in the SuperCar Lites category of the all-new Scandinavian RallyX series alongside STCC.


Originally the inaugural series should have been run under the name ‘RallyX SuperCar Scandinavia’, but now it has been changed to the short tag ‘RallyX’. Alongside the category for the over 500bhp strong SuperCars machinery there will also be a Scandinavian playground for drivers of the 300+bhp SuperCar Lites vehicles. One of the first to commit to this class is the just 16 years old Åsmund Holten from Vikedal in Norway. The younger brother of the better known Daniel Holten started his career in Bilcross, the Norwegian counterpart of the Swedish “Rallycross for beginners” discipline called Folkrace. After two seasons in Bilcross Holten raced in 2013 with a Citroën Saxo in his native Rallycross championship, eventually finishing in fourth place overall, thereby just missing the NRC rostrum.


Åsmund Holten and the 300+bhp strong Ford Fiesta Mk7 SuperCar Lites of OMSE pictured during his first test in the Autumn of 2013. © HM/ERC24

Åsmund Holten and the 300+bhp strong Ford Fiesta Mk7 SC Lites vehicle pictured during his first test in the Autumn of 2013. © HM/ERC24


On May 9 to 10 the Norwegian teenager is taking part in his first RallyX event in Sweden. The new series is going to kick-off at the legendary Ring Knutstorp near Malmö in Skåne, in October of 1973 venue of the first ever Swedish European Rallycross Championship round. “It will be very exciting for me. Last autumn I tested the SuperCar Lites vehicle for the first time, and powering a four-wheel driven car was quite an experience. Not much to compare with the Saxo that I’ve raced before. However, as my brother Daniel will be at Knutstorp to participate in the SuperCars category, he will be able to give me some advice of how to make good use of all-wheel drive, seen he has already competed several times with 4WD cars,” claimed Åsmund Holten, who is now preparing himself for a test drive, prior to his RallyX debut.


Top photo: Åsmund Holten, the 16 years old Norwegian Rallycross talent, is ready for his RallyX debut. © HM/ERC24