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10 Jun 2014

Blog: Home sweet home

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“Hjem” is the Norwegian word for home. We Norwegians simply love our country and are proud of our deep fjords, towering mountains, and intimate cities – not to mention of our flag. Less than a week is left until I go “hjem” to fight for my first World RX victory on home soil. I am more than ready for Norway!

The inaugural Norwegian FIA World Rallycross Championship round is held in Hell itself! That’s something that we Norwegians don’t react to at all; for English-speaking people is quite another story. This tiny town is for sure called Hell, but believe me when I say that it is more a heaven on earth in my sight. In Hell lies one of the World RX circus’ coolest and funniest tracks, and my home track fits me like a glove. The small town is just 30 kilometers outside one of the largest Norwegian cities, Trondheim. It’s just a few minutes drive away from Trondheim Airport. In the midst of this “Hell” is my “Mecca” – the Lånkebanen.

Only twice in my earlier rally career I travelled “hjem” to run the WRC. In 2007 I was fourth, and in 2009 sixth when Rally Norway twice was part of the WRC. Subsequently, the Swedish Rally has been on short visits into Norway, but it’s not quite the same. Next weekend it happens again! I tremble with expectations before the first ever Norwegian World RX Championship round. Nothing would delight me more if the whole region and all of the Norwegian motorsports community will form a circle around such a possibility. I need all backing possible on my road to success on home ground. Lånkebanen is spectacular, and it’s one of my favourites in World RX. The terrain, difficult turns, high speed and the jump over the finish line are ingredients I cannot get enough of.


After Andreas Bakkerud had won the Lydden Hill World RX round Petter was one of the first to congratulate his friend. © JKR/ERC24

After Andreas Bakkerud had won the Lydden Hill WorldRX round Petter was one of the first to congratulate his friend. © JKR/ERC24


When I won the first ever World RX Championship round in Portugal, a month ago, it was an indescribable feeling – not unlike the one I got in the WRC rally in November 2002. Yet it was the refund of all the work behind that gave the best feeling for both myself as the rest of PSRX team. Success at home in Hell will surpass the Portugal triumph. Home is home anyway – so I think it is for all athletes.

I travel to the World RX round #3 with great expectations and hopes. So far this season my car has proven to be both strong and reliable. My team works very well, and all are pulling in the same direction heading towards the big goal of the year. After the World RX round in England last month, we’ve been in control of the amount of work on the team cars. I have had plenty of time to prepare my head for the RX of Norway. The way I do it is to go on the run. Being a mechanic for my son Oliver in crosskart races in Norway and Sweden is exactly what I need to collect profits. I sleep well, enjoying life with my family and my friends and watching the next generation of motorsport athletes.

Is there anything better? Hardly for me! This weekend we were in Arboga, Sweden, where Oliver drove the Swedish Crosskart Championship. It was brilliant until the final, where Oliver first rolled, then he had an engine breakdown at the restart. What can you do other than try again next time? Now I’m ready to race in Hell!


Top photo: After his victory in Portugal Petter had bad luck in England, where he finished sixth overall. © JKR/ERC24