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17 Feb 2015

17.02.2015 Birthday Card

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ERC24 has a list with the dates of birth of several hundred current and former Rallycross drivers. For every day we are trying to find a photo for this our ‘Birthday Card’. Enjoy!


February 17 2015 is the 25th birthday of French Rallycrosser Maximilien Eveno, here pictured with his Super1600 Citroën D2 by Adecom during the 2014 FRC round at his native Circuit de Lavaré. February 17 2015 is also the birthday of Danish Rallycrosser Egon Svanholt, the birthday of British Rallycrosser Mike Turpin, of Belgian Rallycrosser Davy Van Den Branden and of Latvian Rallycrosser Artis Baumanis. A very Happy Birthday from ERC24 to all five!

Note: In case you want to leave your own birthday wishes to one of the drivers here please use our comment box below. If you are able to fill gaps in our birthday list please give us the name and date of birth (day, month and year) of the current or ex Rallycross driver by a comment below or by email to Thank you in anticipation!