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18 Feb 2016

WRX: TT – “Title is the target”

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Timerzyanov talks titles, transverse systems and teammates. With a new FIA World Rallycross Championship season nearly upon us, the shock news this week of Timur Timerzyanov’s switch from Olsbergs MSE to World RX Team Austria has caused many to once again turn their attentions to the multiple European Rallycross Champion from Kazan in Russia.


Timerzyanov has been a Supercar driver since the start of the 2011 FIA European Rallycross Championship season, making the step up from the Super1600 class, having won it in 2010 (then Division 1A). Finishing the course of his debut Supercar season in a respectable third place behind Tanner Foust and Sverre Isachsen – by then Timerzyanov had already cemented his reputation as consistent Supercar driver and title challenger. Two consecutive European championship titles followed in 2012 and 2013.

But following the transition into the FIA World Rallycross Championship and an eventual move to OMSE in 2015, Timerzyanov finished 7th and 10th respectively. Now back with a new team and new approach, Timerzyanov gets set for 2016 with one target in mind.

Russian Timur Timerzyanov during the 2015 season. © JKR/ERC24


  1. ERC24: With a strong field of competitors, do you think you can compete for the Championship this season?


“For sure the coming season will be not an easy one. I know what my team want from me and I know what I want to do this year. Without a doubt the championship title is the main target. The team are constantly working on developments on the car from last season and the car will be faster. I know the potential of this car, and it’s in good hands. I think it’s going to be brilliant!”


  1. ERC24: Can you tell us about your new team, what made you make the decision to move over to the World RX Team Austria?


“There were other offers on the table so it’s not always easy. But I moved to this team because I saw that they really want to win and gain good results and their ready to work hard and raring to go.”


  1. ERC24: Talk us through your Ford Fiesta RX Supercar? What makes it great? 


“For me it’s an amazing car. This car is transversal system (the engine is mounted facing the direction of travel). I’m very happy to be back in this type of car! For the past season I have driven a car with longitudinal mounted engine – and for me I believe transverse suits my style much better.”

This no doubt shines light on a clear shift of confidence in the car for Timerzyanov. Most of the World RX cars use a transversely mounted engine, aside from notably the Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiestas that Timur drove last year. These cars come from the factory with transverse layouts, where we understand that they are converted to longitudinal to accommodate the style of gear-boxes used. The clear difference seems to be down to personal opinion; although many abide by the view that grip is improved. As per Pat Doran during an interview with Speed Hunters in 2013: “With a transverse car, as the engine is facing the direction of travel it gives you more even lateral grip. It’s better off the start, but also through the corners.”


  1. ERC24: Everybody knows that you are a great RX driver and a multiple champion, you haven’t challenged for the title for two seasons, what do you put that down to? 


“I know my qualities and what I do best. I also know the route I want to take this season and feel everything is going to plan. I don’t think I was in this position before during the past two pre-seasons.”


  1. ERC24: Being a former Super1600 Champion, how important is the category for developing Supercar drivers?


“All the knowledge you gain of driving in Super1600 really helps you to find yourself in the Supercar category. At first it is difficult, and you need to adapt to the 4wd style – and then you are ready to drive Supercar. But yes very important for my development, so as you can see for me and my teammate Jānis it is vital.”


Timur Timerzyanov will join his new Latvian teammate Jānis Baumanis on the start grid of the Pista Automóvel de Montalegre for World RX Round 1 of Portugal in just under two months.



Timur Timerzyanov driving a Hansen Motorsport Citroën DS3 Supercar in 2014. © JKR/ERC24


Rallycross photos © Jan Rafoss/ERC24.COM

Timerzyanov will drive for a new team in 2016. © JKR/ERC24



Russian Timur Timerzyanov battling Swede Mattias Ekström in 2013. © JKR/ERC24