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07 Mar 2016

BRX: JC & ‘Victoria’ victorious

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Jochen Coox claims victory in the opening round of the Belgian Rallycross Championship at the Duivelsberg circuit in Maasmechelen.


Despite a very wet Supercar A-Final in very difficult conditions Jochen Coox, driving a former Marklund Motorsport VW Polo (aka ‘Victoria’), claimed the first round of the BRC in a thrilling final.

Frenchman Guy Moreton leading into a corner. © Dave Smeets/ERC24


Coox dominated the days proceedings, and twice gained fastest times during the heats. During the finals, the weather certainly played an important role. The heavens opened and wet conditions made it even more difficult for drivers. The Supercar A-Final saw Johnny Verkuringen (Subaru Impreza), Wil Teurlings, Jos Jansen and Guy Moreton and line-up alongside Coox. Underway, the final saw most Supercar drivers make errors with track conditions getting increasingly worse. Off the line Verkuringen missed his start and was forced to play catch up throughout the entiriety of the final. Coox got off to the best possible start, heading the field. Nearing the halfway point Coox’s Polo entered the first corner with too much speed ending up in the rough. Despite this, Coox was quickly out the sand and giving chase. With further mistakes from Jansen, as well as Verkuringen, Coox was able to re-take the lead and drive through to claim the season’s first round victory.



Coox’s Polo in the rough having entered the first corner too fast in the wet conditions. © Dave Smeets/ERC24


Speaking to Beligan Rallycross website:

Coox: “From the first meters, the car felt great. It feels like I’m back in my Skoda Fabia, wonderful!

Wow what a crazy finale! This victory is for my team. They have worked extremely hard over the past three weeks to get the Polo ready for the start. It feels great to be able to reward them with this result. I must also thank Jos Jansen. In the third heat I spun and broke an axle shaft. I tried to put the Polo quickly in reverse and then something broke in the gearbox. Actually, this would usually mean the end, but Jos lent us a gearbox, so thank you again! The final itself was a spectacle. Before the start the rain really poured. I made a good start and managed the field. After my crash I thought our race was over, but I could continue. In front of me I saw the others also fell victim to the harsh conditions. Both Jansen and Verkuringen spinning out – and I was able to retake the lead. It’s great to crown the debut of Victoria with a victory!” Said Coox.

Subaru driver Verkuringen pushing his car to the limit in the A- Final. © Dave Smeets/ERC24


The Super1600 saw reigning champion Davy Van Den Branden take victory in his first 2016 event followed by Dutchman Thijs Heezen, Pascal Roumans and Dennis Remans all using Ford Fiestas. Fifth place was claimed by Toyota Yaris driver Danny Luyten.


Ds3 driver Davy Van Den Branden taking victory in his first 2016 outin. © Dave Smeets/ERC24

Ds3 driver Davy Van Den Branden taking victory in his first 2016 outin. © Dave Smeets/ERC24


The next round gets underway at Lydden Hill in less than three weeks time.


Top Photo: First round winner Coox: “the car felt great.” © Dave Smeets/ERC24