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16 Mar 2016

RallyX Nordic: Norwegian Raid

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Norwegian drivers and Ex-European RX regulars are rushing to drive in the growing RallyX Nordic series for 2016, which gets underway on May 1st following its hugely successful winter RallyX on Ice partner series.


Following former Euro campaigner Frode Holte’s recent decision to join the RallyX Nordic campaign for 2016, a whole host of Norwegian drivers have followed suit by joining the RallyX Nordic as the series begins to take shape ahead of the new season. Among the new drivers included are former ERC star Morten Bermingrud and European regulars Frank Valle and Stein Egil Jenssen.

This season the full Nordic championship will include four events in Sweden and a finale in Norway.

“To drive the final at home in Norway is going to be so much fun. We are going to welcome the Swedes with open arms just the way that they did to us last year. I think that is good that the RallyX now is Nordic championship and I love driving in Sweden,” says Ole Kristian Temte who is set to start the championship with a Citroen C4

Morten Bermingrud is set to start in his Ford Focus and the well-experienced driver is aiming high from the start:

“My goal is to fight for podium during this season. Both in the individual rounds and in the total championship. I like that the final is placed in Norway, it’s a track I know very well.”


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Morten Bermingrud, the former ERC regular here pictured in 2012 in his C4. © JKR/ERC24



The former ERC driver Frode Holte will also compete with his Hyundai i20 and was first to commit to the series in the earlier part of January. Now his teammate Jarle Nytrea is joining in his Volvo C30 and is much looking forward to the new season:

“It’s a fantastic possibility to spark the interest even more in Norway. And also the battle between Sweden and Norway gives the season a bit more heat.” Says Nytrae who made his debut in Rallycross in 2015.

Frode Holte is also enthusiastic ahead of the championship with his fellow Norwegian countrymen already committed to the new series:

“I’m looking forward to get this season started. That we now have a Nordic championship feels really good. I think this will grow even further in the future. I am aiming for the podium this season,” says Holte.

Frode Holte will also compete in the series with his Hyundai i20. © JKR/ERC24


New Norwegian drivers so far confirmed for RallyX:

#4. Morten Bermingrud, Ford Focus, Bermingrud Motorsport

#5. Jarle Nytrae, Volvo C30, Circle X

#10. Frank Valle, Ford Fiesta, FRX

#14. Frode Holte, Hyundai I20, Circle X

#20. Lars Erik Sörlie, Citroën C4, Sörlie Motorsport

#30. Ole Kristian Temte, Citroën C4, Ole Kristian Temte Norwegian RX Team

#50. Stein Egil Jenssen, Ford Focus


Championship Calendar:

RD1: 30 April – 1 May

Skövde, Sweden (with STCC)

RD2: 4 June –

Arvika, Sweden

RD3: 28 July –

Strängnäs, Sweden

RD4: 2-3 September –

Solvalla, Sweden (with STCC)

RD5: 23-24 September –

Ring Knutstorp, Sweden (with STCC)

RD6: 7-8 October –

Grenland, Norway

The Norwegian Frank Valle has also committed to the championship. © JKR/ERC24


Top Photo: Norwegian drivers commit to growing RallyX Nordic series. © JKR/ERC24


*Correction: Updated on 20/03/16 to amend championship calendar dates.