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17 Mar 2016

WRX: Next generation ready

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OMSE: Eriksson and Grönholm are back, but this time it’s the next generation. Familiar names may be back in the spotlight, but the new driver line up illustrates OMSE’s continued drive to promote the next generation of Rallycross champions in Motorsports ever growing series.


Kevin and Niclas have been thrown under the RX spotlight, and at the helm of one of OMSE’s most ambitious seasons yet. Both drivers will compete in the entire FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2016, as well as competing in their respective National series, RallyX Sweden and Rallicross Finland; with the aim to gain as much valuable driving time as possible.

Olsbergs MSE have also announced their other young driving prospects – the RX Lites drivers for 2016. Kenyan born Tejas Hirani and Frenchman Cyril Raymond will compete in the full RX Lites campaign over 7 races. Tejas will also race in the RallyX series in Supercar Lites in Sweden.


Andreas Eriksson:

“I’m really happy to work with Marcus (Grönholm) as our General Manager in Olsbergs MSE for the coming years in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. We started this journey together in 2008, but then both as hungry drivers fighting for victories!

This journey we have had together changed the way this sport is seen today and has activated the potential of this sport for the future. I have been on a fantastic journey these last years with Rallycross as my work. Our cooperation in 2008, competing in the European Championship lead the way to Pikes Peak, X Games, Global Rallycross, FIA World Championship as well as National series like Rally X and RallyX on Ice, more or less started OlsbergsMSE as it’s known today.

Marcus and I have together with Jussi (Pinomäki) have discussed how best to continue this successful buildup of young drivers. We are all clear that we want to create the next generation of Champions, which have been born, raised and developed in the sport. Then who knows where we will be in a few years time! The entire landscape of drivers and skills required for future Champions we believe will change and we need to follow this evolution.


Jussi Pinomäki is the man OMSE boss Andréas Eriksson (rear) is happy to co-operate with. © OMSE/ERC24

Jussi Pinomäki alongside OMSE boss Andréas Eriksson (rear). © OMSE/ERC24



Our main focus is not titles in 2016, but we will do our best to make sure we have the right material and preparations to do well and we have a long plan for this build up. We will together work to grow this team to something fantastic in the coming years and keep our position as the most successful team globally, hopefully many years forward.

Both Kevin and Niclas already have a few titles in Rallycross despite both only being 19. Tejas and Cyril as well have been extremely successful on their track to RX Lites, so it will be a pleasure to work with this young and hungry group of people, I am really looking forward to it.

As for Olsbergs MSE as company, the future looks great and after extremely positive years from 2009-2015 we have recharged for a new chapter in the company´s history book. New things will happen shortly that I think will create positive waves for the whole sport of Rallycross globally!”

Marcus Grönholm:

“What can I say, I really enjoy this sport and I look forward to working with Andreas (Eriksson) and Jussi (Pinomäki) and the whole Olsbergs MSE squad. Back in 2008 I did my first Rallycross race in Sweden Höljes with Andreas and I still remember it like yesterday. It was a great feeling with that incredible power and the great show for the audience. When I look at the sport of today it’s interesting to see what progress has been made since and with my old combatants in WRC, Sebastian Loeb and Petter Solberg still fighting for titles, but now in Rallycross I must admit that there is days that I’m tempted to get back behind the wheel! But the future of the sport depends on what we create today, it’s time for new Champions to be born.

We will focus our work to build the next generation of Champions and to do what we need to have a lot of seat time, experience and actual races for our drivers. So the 12 races in the FIA World Championship as well as a handful of national races for both Niclas and Kevin are important for their growth. I also think it’s important that you need to race at your home ground, to create awareness of the driver and their sport, to be a real Champion one day.

Bakkerud and Nitiss Working with OMSE driver-coach Marcus Grönholm. © BM/ERC24


Both Kevin and Niclas have raced in different series with great success, but now it’s the real thing, the final stage of the level required to be the best, so it’s up to them but also us to create the platform so they can grow into these new shoes.

I will help with my knowledge and experience, as I know they will need all the help they can get and together with our team it will be important to have the expectations under control, we have everything to learn and nothing to prove until the day comes when they are ready.

As for Niclas participation in the entire Championship, we are actually still waiting for confirmation of his military service required in Finland, so who knows I even might stand in for a few races to show the youngsters in real life how it should be done on the track……………..!”

Top Photo: Double World Rally Champion Marcus Grönholm will mentor son and Kevin © QBA OMSE/ERC24