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24 Apr 2012

Waiting for Alex Theuil

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2006 French Rallycross Champion Alexandre Theuil hopes to have his all-new Citroën DS3 SuperCar ready for the ERC’s Benelux double.


While joyful awaiting the French ERC round at Dreux due to start in just a couple of days we remember a small story found on our favourite French Rallycross website concerning the delay of the 2012 SuperCar project of 2006 French Rallycross Champion Alexandre Theuil. The former VW Golf Mk4 SuperCar campaigner accompanied his relative Robert Theuil during the FRC opener at Essay where his cousin drove the old Golf to ninth place overall. Alex then revealed that his DS3 plans became delayed due to various reasons, but that he is currently looking forward to debut the car by taking part in the Belgian and Dutch ERC rounds in August, before returning to the FRC at Lohéac in September. However, nothing is certain yet, but Theuil seems keen to return to the ERC venues were he participated already in the Summer of 2008, by then joining his compatriots Olivier Anne and Jean-Luc Pailler.


Image caption: The Citroën DS3 SuperCar in the making of 2006 FRC winner Alexandre Theuil as designed by ABLOCK Design. © AD/Theuil/ERC24