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29 Sep 2012

Timing & Results Estering

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Timing and Results for Round 10 of the FIA European Rallycross Championship (ERC) at Buxtehude in Germany.


Live timing from this weekend’s Rallycross action at Buxtehude in Germany can be found here:

All results [pdf] can be found here:


A Final SuperCars:

B Final SuperCars:

C Final SuperCars:


A Final Super1600s:

B Final Super1600s:

C Final Super1600s:


A Final TouringCars:

B Final TouringCars:

C Final TouringCars:


A Final JRX Cup:


SuperCars situation after qualification:

Super1600s situation after qualification:

TouringCars situation after qualification:

JRX Cup situation after qualification:


3rd Heat SuperCars:

3rd Heat Super1600s:

3rd Heat TouringCars:

3rd Heat JRX Cup:


2nd Heat SuperCars:

2nd Heat Super1600s:

2nd Heat TouringCars:

2nd Heat JRX Cup:


1st Heat SuperCars:

1st Heat Super1600s:

1st Heat TouringCars:

1st Heat JRX Cup:


Timed Practice SuperCars:

Timed Practice Super1600s:

Timed Practice TouringCars:

Timed Practice JRX Cup: