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07 Feb 2013

RIP Ferdinand Stevens

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Former Belgian Rallycross driver Ferdinand Stevens killed by accident in his Tyre Service Center workshops.


We at ERC24 are very sad to announce that Belgian ex-Rallycrosser Ferdinand Stevens (DOB 20.05.1947 – DOD 07.02.2013) died today by a terrible accident. The 65-years-old was trying to estimate the damage to a roof of his Tyre Service Center at the town of Meulebeke in Flanders, caused by a storm on Tuesday, when he fell through that roof and 6 metres down to machinery in the workshop. Ferdinand died at the scene from his injuries. Godspeed and may he Rest In Peace! Our sincere sympathie is with his family and friends.


Photo: Ferdinand Stevens pictured with his Alpine A310 in October of 1983 at Maasmechelen. © Eddi Laumanns/ERC24