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22 Mar 2013

PR: Linnemann Motorsport

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An ERC regular since 2009 and the Super1600s runner-up of 2011 Dane Ulrik Linnemann has set his focus on winning the 2013 ERX title in S1600s.


Peugeot 207 driver Ulrik Linnemann: “We have located some problems and carried out improvements on the 207, and hopefully I will be a better starter, after some minor changes. I had the necessary speed all the time last year, but I had to fight a bit too much, because of the start problems.”

As all other teams Linnemann Motorsport has worked hard over the winter, trying also to get the right set-up with sponsors. “It’s been hard work, but now I’m so pleased with all the sponsors of mine, and I’m also very exited about the new RallycrossRX series. ‘Agnes’ [the nickname of his car] is ready and I myself are ready to do a 100% attempt for the title in 2013”, stated the 24 years old car mechanic from Aalborg in the North of Denmark.


Photo: The Lion is ready to roar again, Ulrik Linnemann’s S1600 Peugeot 207 after his make-over. © LM/ERC24