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27 Mar 2013

Busy Melk RCE opener

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The 2013 Rallycross Challenge Europe (RCE) is set to start at the rich in tradition Austrian Wachauring venue in Melk with a full programme season opener.


More and more entries drop in for the opening round of the Rallycross Challenge Europe at the Austrian Wachauring in Melk. Yesterday there were already 55 entries. The event on April 20 and 21 will have a very busy schedule as it also counts for the FIA CEZ, the Czech and the Austrian Rallycross Championship series.

Therefore, the organisers decided that the administrative checking and technical scrutineering will already start on Friday evening. For the organising club the weekend will be a real challenge, as their Rallycross event also includes the festivities for the 40th Anniversary of the Wachauring and a Drift-show that will be part of the programme too.

Legends from the early days of Rallycross will compete in a race with identical cars. And although the fun of driving is the most important aspect for the likes of Franz Wurz (European Rallycross Champion 1974, 1976 and 1982), Herbert Grünsteidl (European Rallycross Champion 1977) and Andy Bentza (European Rallycross GT Champion 1978), those heroes of the past will not give in from the very moment they sit behind their steering wheels. For the history fans there will be some original Rallycross retro cars on display, cars that have already raced at the Wachauring (by then called Leruring) as early as in 1973. On Sunday afternoon a Drift-show will be held, with Austrian champions like Thomas Graf and his runner-up Georg Comandella amongst the competitors.

Rallycross Challenge Europe: For the Rallycross Challenge Europe the Austrian organisation already received the applications of many experienced European drivers. Among them Czech Václav Veverka Jr. with a Peugeot 206, the two Frenchmen Eric Guillemette with Renault Clio Mk2 and Robert Theuil with his VW Golf Mk4 SuperCar. Briton Kevin Procter with his Ford Focus Mk2 SuperCar is also keen to compete, for the Wachauring is one of his favourite tracks.

The international drivers will receive fierce competion from the local Austrian drivers. In SuperCars rookie Matthias Schörgenhofer wants to show good pace with his VW Golf 4×4 while in the Super1600s class Klaus Freudenthaler with a Škoda Fabia Mk1 and Werner Panhauser with his Citroën C2 will battle for championship points.


Photo: Austrian legend and threefold European Rallycross Champion Franz Wurz, here pictured jumping his ERC winning Audi quattro in 1982 in Finland, has promised to be in Melk. © Eddi Laumanns/ERC24