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12 Dec 2013

WRX: Grapevine has it…

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…that Hansen Motorsport is changing from Citroën to Peugeot and is currently building two 208 SuperCars for the 2014 World Rallycross Championship.


Dear ERC24 readers, it is all but easy to collect interesting Rallycross information as early as possible for you these days. Since promoter IMG has taken over, and has changed the former ERC into RallycrossRX, his family of stakeholders is pretty keen to hide their plans as long as possible from nosy journalists. Therefore, we deem it okay to deal also with that little hearsay we get to learn from time to time, as long as we can rate our sources as serious enough, rather than waiting for second-hand news to drop in. An old proverb claims “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. As there’s a lot of truth in old adages, we hope that you readers appreciate our new sporadic ‘Grapevine’ shortcuts – and that our picked-up info is at least close to the facts…

Persistent rumours from Sweden have it that Hansen Motorsport is working on at least two Peugeot 208 SuperCars for the all-new World Rallycross Championship. Kenneth Hansen changed from winning the 1992 ERC title of Division 1 (Group A cars) with a Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth in 1993 to a Citroën ZX SuperCar and has ever since worked with Citroën, for a total of no less than 21 consecutive European seasons. We at ERC24 were told that the two all-new cars will be for threefold European champion Timur Timerzyanov and Kenny Hansen’s offspring Timmy (3rd overall of the 2013 ERC), while Alexander Hvaal is looking for a new seat. Furthermore it has been claimed that the Hansen Motorsport team will be backed by energy drink producer Red Bull from next year on, so far the personal sponsor of HM’s trump-card Timerzyanov.


Photo: Fabien Pailler in the Peugeot 208 SuperCar chased by Timur Timerzyanov in the Citroën DS3 SuperCar. © JKR/ERC24