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01 Feb 2014

Holte: SuperCar unveiled

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Today Norwegian Frode Holte presents his all-new Hyundai i20 SuperCar in the making for the first time, during the ‘Sørlandets Motorsport Show’ in his native town of Mandal.


After racing for several years with different models of Volvo cars Norwegian Rallycross ace Frode Holte today presents his long awaited Hyundai i20 SuperCar for the first time to the press and public. The car is still in the process of making, but should be ready before the WorldRX/EuroRX season is due to start in Portugal by May 3 and 4.

Last night ERC24 asked Frode Holte a couple of questions about his Hyundai project, to find out why the 31-year-old has decided in favour of a for Rallycross use rather exotic machinery.

  • ERC24: What gave you the impetus to change from Volvo to Hyundai?
  • Frode: There are actually many of reasons for the change, but the most important is that Volvo was not interested in a co-operation with us.
  • ERC24: If that was the case, are you backed by Hyundai now?
  • Frode: We have a co-operation with the Norwegian Hyundai importer, with who we work together since 2011 already.
  • ERC24: Are you trying to do the whole 2014 WorldRX series?
  • Frode: My dream is to do the entire FIA World Rallycross Championship. But I don’t know yet if being able to make my dream come true. Therefore, I would prefer doing a 100% commitment to the FIA European Rallycross Championship rather than half of a WRX programme only.
  • ERC24: What results do you expect from your new machinery?
  • Frode: Maybe it is rather unrealistic for the first year, a year that usually has plenty of teething troubles on offer, but we clearly aim for podium places [laughing].
  • ERC24: Who is doing the chassis/bodywork for you?
  • Frode: Ydrefalk Motorsport in Sweden.
  • ERC24: Can you give us some detailed technical information about the engine in your i20?
  • Frode: Sorry, not yet, as all is still secret. However, the engine [by Norwegian Alf Eng] will be very similar to those that our competitors are using.
  • ERC24: Some info on the car’s powertrain?
  • Frode: Unic AB dog gearboxes and diffs made by Swede Mats Karlsson.
  • ERC24: What about the suspension?
  • Frode: We will work together with Swedish Öhlins Racing.
  • ERC24: Will it be easy to get the car down to the weight limit?
  • Frode: The Hyundai i20 in itself is a rather light car. However, we will always try to get it lighter to put additional weight at the right places for to improve the emphasis, of course.
  • ERC24: Last question for now – what about “Donna” [Holte’s well-known Volvo C30/4 SuperCar]?
  • Frode: “Donna” will be completely restored to be 100% ready for the start of the 2014 Rallycross season. The plan is to sell her or to find somebody who is going to rent her.
  • ERC24: Tusen takk – thank you very much for your kind answers, Frode!


Note: The above picture was done in a hurry last night by a mobile phone, but ERC24 snapper JKR is at the venue when the car will be unveiled. So, for more AND BETTER photos stay tuned with your favourite and independent Rallycross website!


Photo: Frode Holte proudly presents the first ever Hyundai i20 to become a Rallycross SuperCar. © FHM/ERC24