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06 Feb 2014

ERX: Volland’s four Volants*

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German Rolf Volland has announced to chase after the EuroRX Super1600 title with four Škoda Fabia Mk2 cars of his eastern Europe orientated team Volland Racing.


“Our four Škoda Fabia Super1600s are almost ready. The Mk2 versions receive state of the art upgrades. The 1600cc engines of the Bavarian Hohenester Sport team will provide more power to make them cars more vicious in the future. I cannot reveal the identity of our fourth driver yet, as it should remain a little mystery till the season kick-off in Portugal. However, it is certain that all my four guys can fight for places in the Finals, maybe even for one or another overall victory,” turns the triple FIA European Autocross Champion and 13-times German Rallycross Championship winner not all of his cards open.

Sergey Zagumennov is the most experienced driver of the 2014 VR team. The Russian did his first full European championship attempt last year, reaching a total of four Finals as well as finishing the series in sixth place overall. The youngest of the quartet is 17 years old Kasparas Navickas from Lithuania. After competing only in the RallycrossRX Finale at Buxtehude in Germany last year, where he made it into the Semi-Finals, the youngster is also set to drive the full 2014 EuroRX series.

A complete newcomer to the sport of Rallycross is Russian Nikita Misyulya. The 22-year-old was a member of the Russian freestyle bikers national team, before getting interested in different kinds of motorsport. In 2013 the BMX crack athlete started his racing career in his native ‘LADA Granta Cup’ – to win the one-make series outright. During Rallycross training sessions in Germany and Poland Misyulya has proven his talent immediately, being on par with the times of the European S1600 regulars after just a couple of laps.

“My name is Nikita Misyulya and I love racing. I was a pro bicycle rider for 5 years. In 2013 I entered Russian Circuit racing Cup and won the season. Now it’s time for bigger games! I sold my flat, my car, TV and many other useless things, so I can afford 2014 season of European Rallycross Championship in S1600. Where there is a will, there is a way,” stated the confident rookie while publishing the below self-produced “No matter what it costs!” video clip on YouTube…


*Volant = French for ‘steering wheel’, in German mainly used as term in motorsport reports


Photo: Volland Racing’s white and green Super1600 Škoda machines are well known in Rallycross. © JKR/ERC24