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27 Feb 2014

BRC: Reply of Group Filippini

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1976 BRC champion Jean Filippini and his colleagues have replied to the press release distributed by Group Reuten.


Dear Rallycross friends, Following the press conference, organised by the Reuten family and its associates, with particularly Etienne Reuten, Linda Reuten, Karen Reuten, Michel Vigneron, Jean Lambrichts, Marcel Claessens, Ludo Helven and Mathieu Vanhoef, on February 26 in the ‘Hotel Lika’ [in Maasmechelen], we would like to distribute a short press release ourselves. We see ourselves obliged to respond to the one-sided and biased reporting during this press conference.

The lawsuit has not been started by us, but by the Reuten family and its associates. We received a summon to the chambers on February 5, 2014. That was three weeks prior to the scheduled race! The court dealt with the legal representation of the BRCV VZW and the functions within the board. Meanwhile it was even tried to deny us access to the circuit.

The fact that the Reuten family and its associates speak and act on behalf of the BRCV VZW is illegal. There are unlawfully elected BRCV members and functions have been assigned without to follow the necessary rules. The Court of First Instance in Tongeren has determined that all of this is contrary to the VZW-law. We wish to add here, that we have nevertheless always been prepared and offered for to co-organise the first event, to give the drivers and spectators what they deserve. However, our multiple offers for cooperation have always been wiped off the table.

The court did also consider the safety of the participants, visitors and volunteers not guaranteed, since no insurance certificates were presented. The Province of Limburg had not yet given its permission to organise the event. At the judgment date nothing was in order.

We deeply regret the fact that the competition cannot take place. The biggest victims of course are the participants and spectators. Our priority is now to bring the BRCV VZW as well as the Rallycross organisation back to point for the following events. The court has appointed a provisional administrator to act provisionally on behalf of the association. The administrator must ensure that the interests of the VZW will be protected. We will fully cooperate with the appointed trustee and will make every effort to ensure and guarantee the proper functioning of the association. We herewith express our hope that all parties involved will work together in a constructive manner to contribute to the work of the administrator in the interest of the BRCV VZW.

We ask for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Jean Filippini, Camiel Smeets, Valentijn Bollen & Vincent Engelen


Photo: 1976 BRC winner and later Clerk of the Course at the Duivelsbergcircuit Jean Filippini pictured in 2011. © JKR/ERC24