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16 Mar 2014

RallyX: Lites on for Göransson

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Quadruple STCC champion Richard Göransson has announced to participate in the RallyX Lites category of the 2014 Swedish Rallycross Championship.


Beside of racing one of the two Saab 9-3 cars of Team Tidö in the Swedish STCC series Richard Göransson, with four titles [2004, 2005, 2008, 2010] the most successful STCC driver so far, has confirmed to race one of the RallyX Lites vehicles in the inaugural championship. “When I was a kid my dad [Curt Harald Jonsson] competed in Rallycross, and as I now get the chance to try out this sport myself it will be incredibly fun,” says Göransson and continues: “This is an opportunity for me to learn the sport and evaluate for the future. Right now Rallycross is growing madly in both Europe and the United States. As a racer Rallycross is completely new to me, but after I saw this motorsport in X Games I realised its huge development and there is no doubt that we need to jump on the bandwagon now.”

This year Rallycross has gained FIA World Championship status and in Sweden is running for the first time competitions together with the for many a year successful STCC series. “Richard’s experience in both Rallying and Racing allows him to evaluate and test this sport out with us. OlsbergsMSE is a leader in Rallycross and we are very grateful that they are so generous to let us take part in their programme, which can help us to get started up and to achieve the results we want. For us it is important to win the STCC, and we can also be involved to fight for victories in the RallyX Lites category,” claims Team Tidö principal David von Schinkel.


Photo: After Racing and Rallying Richard Göransson looks forward to do also Rallycross now. © SBF/ERC24