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15 May 2016

RXLites: Bryntesson triumphs

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Thomas Bryntesson wins round two of the RX Lites Cup in Mettet, Belgium. A second round win in 2016 for the Norwegian – this time ahead of Simon Olofsson and Joachim Hvaal.

Bryntesson took the RX Lites final, having started on the front row alongside fellow compatriot Sondre Evjen. Evjen indeed led the final for most the race, with Bryntesson capitalising on a late fourth lap ‘joker’. Frenchman Cyril Raymond battled hard to pass Evjen ahead, but had to wait to the penultimate lap to make his make on the Norwegian.

Bryntesson takes his second round win of the season, having one in Hockenheim last weekend. © JKR/ERC24


In the aftermath Raymond was disqualified from the final because of the battle with Evjen. Therefore promoting Olofsson to second place and Joachim Hvaal to third. Bryntesson, unaware of the tussle behind was able to complete the final lap and score his second win for the season.

The RX Lites field during qualifying on day one. © JKR/ERC24


RX Lites Cup 2016 – Round 2 Results:

1. Thomas Bryntesson
2. Simon Olofsson
3. Joachim Hvaal
4. Sondre Evjen
5. Simon Syversen
6. Cyril Raymond

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