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15 May 2012

FRC: Sérazin claims Faleyras

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After bagging a full 20 FRC points pot during the French European round at Dreux Gaëtan Sérazin scores another victory in the third round of the French championship while the Faleyras organisers aim to rejoin the ERC.


After the events in the Normandy (Essay) and the Region ‘Centre’ (Dreux) the actors of the French Rallycross Championship met in the department Gironde, one of the most beautiful settings of the season with its Circuit de Faleyras. Reigning French SuperCars champion Samuel Peu (Peugeot 207) claimed the pole position for the A final by setting one fastest and two second fastest times in the qualifying heats. Philippe Tollemer (Citroën C4) joined the 2011 champion in the first row of the A final. Current French championship leader Gaëtan Sérazin (Peugeot 207) was the third man in the first row. After the GO! it was Sérazin who took the lead of the last race of the weekend and eventually claimed the victory as well as another 20 points to extend his lead of the FRC’s SuperCars standings. The runner-up position fell prey to Samuel Peu, while Philippe Tollemer bagged the third place.


To become the 2012 Super1600 Champion of France is the goal of Laurent Chartrain, as not just once clearly stated by the Citroën Saxo driver. The man from Normandy kept to his operation schedule finding himself once again on pole of the A final. Rallycross lady Adeline Sangnier had impressed many with her driving of the ex-Steven Bossard Citroën C2 and claimed a place in the front row, but after a good start she made a mistake and had to retire. When the chequered flag dropped down it was Chartrain winning from Dorian Launay (Renault Clio Mk2) and Franck Hello (Citroën Saxo).


During the weekend it was discussed that the organisers of Faleyras, the Association du Circuit Automobile de Faleyras (ASACAF), are keen to bring the venue back on the ERC calendar, aiming for another European round in 2015. Therefore, the necessary Joker Lap section will be the next main project for their to-do-list. The circuit 35kms south-east of the town of Bordeaux hosted three ERC rounds in the past, in May 1995 (won by Martin Schanche), in May 1999 (won by Jean-Luc Pailler) and in May 2002 (won by Kenneth Hansen).


  • 1. Gaëtan Sérazin (F) Peugeot 207
  • 2. Samuel Peu (F) Peugeot 207
  • 3. Philippe Tollemer (F) Citroën C4
  • 4. Jérôme Grosset-Janin (F) Renault Clio Mk3
  • 5. Christophe Wilt (F) Citroën C4
  • 6. Robert Theuil (F) VW Golf Mk4
  • 7. Hervé “Knapick” (F) Citroën DS3
  • 8. Fabien Pailler (F) Peugeot 207
  • 1. Laurent Chartrain (F) Citroën Saxo
  • 2. Dorian Launay (F) Renault Clio Mk2
  • 3. Franck Hello (F) Citroën Saxo
  • 4. Stéphane de Ganay (F) Citroën Saxo
  • 5. Eric Guillemette (F) Renault Clio Mk2
  • 6. David Olivier (F) Renault Twingo Mk2
  • 7. Fabien Chanoine (F) Dacia Sandero
  • 8. Adeline Sangnier (F) Citroën C2
  • 1. Marc Morize (F) Peugeot 207 (Nissan V6)
  • 2. Florent Béduneau (F) BMW Mini Cooper (Nissan V6)
  • 3. Christophe Saunois (F) Toyota Corolla (Nissan V6)
  • 4. Patrick Guillerme (F) Peugeot 307 (Nissan V6)
  • 5. Stéphane Dréan (F) Renault Clio Mk3 (Nissan V6)
  • 6. Jack Brinet (F) Nissan 350 Z (Nissan V6)
  • 7. Christophe Morichon (F) Opel Astra H (Nissan V6)
  • 8. Kévin Jacquinet (F) Nissan Micra (Nissan V6)
  • 1. Jean-Luc Durel (F) Renault Clio Mk2
  • 2. Jimmy Terpereau (F) Audi A3
  • 3. Rudolf Schafer (F) Citroën Saxo VTS
  • 4. Bertrand Perraudin (F) Citroën C2 R2
  • 5. Sébastien Le Ferrand (F) Peugeot 306 Maxi
  • 6. David Vincent (F) Renault Clio Mk3
  • 7. Emmanuel Anne (F) Renault Clio Mk2
  • 8. Guillaume Rouillard (F) Citroën Saxo KitCar
  • 1. Fabien Grosset-Janin (F) Dacia Logan MPI90
  • 2. Gaëtan Jan (F) Dacia Logan MPI90
  • 3. Hervé Libner (F) Dacia Logan MPI90