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20 May 2012

USRS: A new beginning

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Belgian David Sterckx and the two US drivers Eric Vlasic and Josh Wimpey winning their respective classes in the opening round of the Rally America U.S. Rallycross Series 2012.


After the Rally America organisation imported European style Rallycross to the USA and organised a total of four events between late August and early November 2010 they started a cooperation with the Global Rallycross Championship organisers for 2011. However, that partnership was finished after only two events and while the GRC rulers set their focus on an americanised show event series the Rally America people tried to get back to a grass-roots level Rallycross for amateur drivers. A total of three events were put up the calendar for the second half of the year 2011, but all three had to be cancelled due to lack of entrants and some other problems.


After a break of more than one year Rally America is back on the scene now and has scheduled four Rallycross events from May to November on the US motorsports calendar, all to be held at New Jersey Motorsports Park where the inaugural US Rallycross took place on August 28 and 29 2010. Yesterday the first of the four rounds was organised at Millville and ERC24’s Polish crew member Qba Nitka was at the venue, one week before he is going to attend the opener of the Global Rallycross Championship series at Charlotte in North Carolina.


The event had 21 entries, but only 14 starters featured in the races, the 4WD-Limited category saw just 2 cars racing. The track was 0.55 Miles or 885 Metres long [for an ERC event the minimum track length is 950 Metres]. Our man Qba told us that he was all but impressed by the races and eventually preferred to stay in the press office while the finals were going on, a temperature of 36 °C at the venue helped our snapper with his decision…


  • 1. David Sterckx (B) Mitsubishi Lancer E8
  • 2. Sebastian Kokoszka (PL) Subaru Impreza GD
  • 1. Eric Vlasic (USA) Honda Civic Si Sedan
  • 2. Kyle Gagliardi (USA) Ford Mustang GT Mk4
  • 3. Rafał Listopad (PL) Dodge Neon SRT-4
  • 4. Dillon Van Way (USA) Ford Fiesta Mk7
  • 1. Josh Wimpey (USA) VW Golf Mk2
  • 2. Collin Wooding (USA) BMW E36 Compact
  • 3. Rich Bodmer (USA) Dodge Neon SRT-4
  • 4. Duane Lewis (USA) Mitsubishi Eclipse Mk2
  • 5. John Duran (USA) Acura [Honda] Integra Mk3
  • 6. Anthony Concha (USA) Ford Focus Mk1 SVT