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23 Jun 2012

Update: JRX Cup debut delayed!

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This weekend’s debut JRX Cup meeting in Hell, Norway may face postponement due to a delay of the arrival of vital parts.

There seemed to be disagreement amongst many teams this afternoon on the exact schedule of the first race of the Junior Rallycross (JRX) Cup series. The championship which is to be held as a category in the European Rallycross Championship was due to be run tomorrow afternoon, but many teams were sceptical that this would be the case.

French Rallycross driver Marc Laboulle of Mtechnologies retained an equally unsure position. “At the moment we cannot be sure whether or not we can start on time. All the cars are nearing the end product, but we have faced a problem with the delivery of some vital engine parts. We have been frantically trying to track the bulk order, and have people trying to chase down the parts in Paris. The parts [from a supplier in Canada] are at the moment untraceable but we believe they will be here by this weekend. At the moment we don’t know what day – could be tomorrow or Sunday,” said MAKS events partner Laboulle.

The Set Promotion team were less pessimistic stating that they believed the parts would arrive at the circuit tomorrow, in time for Saturday afternoon’s race.

JRX competitor Kevin Hansen highlighted his disappointment of the news but remained keen to get in the car. “For sure this is a small setback but I am so keen and very eager to drive, so much so that I do not want to wait till Sunday – this would kill me,” replied the youngest driver of the Hansen family. Older brother Timmy Hansen was also on hand in the pits, busy preparing the car. “At the moment without the parts I think they will drive Sunday,” concluded Timmy Hansen.


Update of June 23:

The JRX Cup series is now forced to postpone its first event till next weekend’s Swedish ERC round at Höljes. MAKS Events, the series owner/promoter, was not able to resolve component supply problems prior to the Norwegian ERC event, resulting in the fact that the cars shipped to Hell were incomplete. MAKS’ announcement of Saturday evening: “The JRX team has tried its best to have the cars ready for racing in Norway, but due to missing electrical parts package, and although all efforts provided to find alternative solutions, it is now obvious that the first race of this new Rallycross category will be postponed one week, to Höljes, Sweden. Therefore, the team can now announce that they are finalizing all details for the next race. A replacement race is planned to be held in September, so that the drivers will have their initial six races in the JRX Cup in 2012.”