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28 Jun 2012

Menzies with Pastrana

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American Off-Road Truck Racing specialist Bryce Menzies is set to drive the second Dodge Dart alongside Travis Pastrana in the X Games 18 in Los Angeles.


While Portuguese DTM racer with Audi Filipe Albuquerque drove the spare 500+bhp Dodge Dart of American superstar Travis Pastrana in the second round of the Global RallyCross Championship (GRC) at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, for the coming weekend that man Pastrana has invited his compatriot Bryce Menzies to team-up with him.

The Red Bull sponsored 24 year old truck racer, Menzies has won both the 2011 TORC Short-Course Racing Series as well as the SCORE Off-Road Racing Series and has gained the respect of Pastrana. “The background of Bryce differs a lot from mine. But it is good to have a driver alongside that is able to push the teammate to his own limits. Beside that I can count on him for not driving me out of the game intentionally. Rallycross is a very aggressive sport, so to have a mate in such an event is useful, especially if we can manage to qualify both for the final,” was the reason given for his choice by Pastrana.


Photo: Pastrana’s spare Dodge Dart, pictured here driven by Albuquerque in Texas, is ready for Menzies and X Games 18. © QBA/ERC24