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03 Jul 2012

Matton thanks Hansen

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After Hansen Motorsport paved the way for Sébastian Loeb to claim an impressive victory in the RallyCross competition of the X Games 18, Citroën Racing said thank you to the Swedes.


“After having shown off the brilliance of Créative Technologie on roads all around the world, Citroën Racing and Sébastien Loeb have won on a new surface and in a new category. As everything was new to us, we made sure we were very thorough in our preparations. Once we were there, we discovered a very – sometimes too – relaxed atmosphere, but we managed to avoid the pitfalls to go and grab the win. Congratulations to the team for their hard work, and I’d particularly like to thank Kenneth Hansen for his sound advice as regards strategy,” said a visibly pleased Yves Matton, the Belgian Principal of the French Citroën Racing Team in favour of the Swedes.


Photo: Yves Matton of Citroën Racing (left) and Kenneth Hansen (Hansen Motorsport) pictured after Loeb’s victory in LA. © QBA/ERC24