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11 Aug 2012

Bad start for Set Promo

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Set Promotion experienced a bad start of their Dutch ERC weekend when the team found out that a lot of stuff was stolen from their truck.


“Bad start for the team in Holland. Burglary in Set Promotion’s truck on the way to the race. Computers, radios, helmets, etc, are gone. Andreas doesn’t think this will effect the race this weekend, but a lot of information and irreplaceable stuff are lost.” This information was found on Friday on the Facebook page of Bakkerud Motorsport. ERC24 checked with the team today at the Eurocircuit and was told the following by Jussi Pinomäki:

“Last Wednesday, I was still in Finland, my people parked our truck on a common parking at the outskirts of Amsterdam to go out for dinner. The parking lot was beside a road with rather lots of traffic, and looked safe enough to them. The boys left the truck at about 20.00h and were back at about midnight, just to find out that a pretty massive lock had been broken and burglars had stolen a lot of stuff from inside the truck. We miss three laptops with important data, five helmets of our drivers as well as four or five HANS systems. Some fire-proof overalls and radio equipment are gone as well as private stuff of our boys. However, I was able to bring new helmets and HANS systems with me from Finland. And thanks to the teams of the Belgians Michaël De Keersmaecker and Ronny Scheveneels we managed to overcome some other problems that would have hampered us here at the Eurocircuit this weekend. But now we look forward to business as usual.”


Photo: The Set Promotion team experienced hard cheese in Holland. © JKR/ERC24


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