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30 Sep 2012

2013 double tracked?

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This morning the following communiqué has been issued at the Estering near Buxtehude in Germany:


Note: ERC24 is aware of where this comes from and, therefore, has no problem to accept it as being very serious, even seen the fact that the communiqué carries no signature.


“WARM UP! – After FIA’s announcement that next year’s FIA Rallycross Championship will jointly be organised with IMG who will be the promoter of the FIA Rallycross Championship for the next 10 years, the remaining organisers sat together in Buxtehude. Those organisers who are not on the short list of IMG decided to initiate for next year the ‘2013 FIA Rallycross Challenge’, of course subject to the approval of the FIA. For the moment this Challenge will be organised in conformity with the current FIA Rallycross Championship regulations and it is likely that the Challenge will consist of a minimum of 8 events, all counting for the final Challenge classification.”


Photo: Rallycross is set to start into a new European era after this event. © JKR/ERC24