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08 Oct 2012

CEZ: Höller on home mud

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The multi-championship round at the Austrian Nordring in Fuglau near Horn was won by Alois Höller (SCs), Klaus Freudenthaler (S1600s) and Roman Častoral (SNs).


Round 6 of the FIA Central European Zone Rallycross Trophy at Fuglau in Lower Austria counted also as round 6 for the Austrian championship, round 5 for the Czech series as well as final round (7th event) for the Hungarian championship. While the Saturday remained dry, sunny and decently warm the Sunday was cold, windy and saw a lot of rainfalls. No wonder that the Nordring had once more much of his (in)famous mud on offer. Austrian Mercedes campaigner Gerald Woldrich, who made it to second place in SuperNationals, claimed later on that for more than half of the distance of a lap he was just a passenger in his C230, rather than being its driver in full control.

The A final of the SuperCars was started twice. During the first attempt Austrian Alois Höller (Ford Focus Mk1) and Hungarian Zoltán Harsányi were reported to have made contact, the Mitsubishi campaigner subsequently spinning off and losing a rear wheel of his Evo 5 Lancer. Without the retired Hungarian the Austrian had no problems to win the A final re-run from Pole Łukasz Kabaciński (Mitsubishi Lancer E8) and Hungarian Péter Kotán (Ford Escort Mk7). Höller’s compatriot Tristan Ekker was hampered by gearbox troubles of his VW Polo Mk4/9N and finished the weekend as fourth.

In the Super1600s category that Austrian Škoda Fabia Mk1 driver Klaus Freudenthaler won another A final and in the SuperNationals class Czech Roman Častoral was once again unbeatable with his Opel Astra G. In the new for 2012 created beginners division, the National1600s, the A final victory was bagged by Thomas Strobl (Citroën Saxo), but point standings leader Sven Förster (Daihatsu Charade Mk4) had done enough with becoming his runner-up to ensure himself the title.


  • 1. Alois Höller (A) Ford Focus Mk1
  • 2. Łukasz Kabaciński (PL) Mitsubishi Lancer E8
  • 3. Péter Kotán (H) Ford Escort Mk7
  • 4. Tristan Ekker (A) VW Polo Mk4/9N
  • 5. Zoltán Harsányi (H) Mitsubishi Lancer E5
  • 6. Attila Mózer (H) Škoda Fabia Mk2
  • 1. Klaus Freudenthaler (A) Škoda Fabia Mk1
  • 2. Václav Veverka Jr. (CZ) Peugeot 206
  • 3. Werner Panhauser (A) Citroën C2
  • 4. Gábor Bánkuti Jr. (H) Peugeot 206
  • 5. Ádám Ujházi (H) Opel Corsa C
  • 6. Josef Šusta (CZ), Škoda Fabia Mk1
  • 1. Roman Častoral (CZ) Opel Astra G
  • 2. Gerald Woldrich (A) Mercedes C230
  • 3. Karol Šedivý (SK) Seat Ibiza Mk2
  • 4. Harald Falschlehner (A) Opel Kadett E
  • 5. Martin Gattringer (A) Peugeot 306 S16
  • 6. Mario Leonhardsberger (A) Honda Civic Mk7 Type-R
  • 1. Thomas Strobl (A) Citroën Saxo
  • 2. Sven Förster (A) Daihatsu Charade Mk4
  • 3. Oliver Gruber (A) VW Polo Mk3/6N
  • 4. Thomas Graf (A), BMW Mini Cooper
  • 5. Richard Förster (A) VW Polo Mk3/6N
  • 6. Anton Kerschner Jr. (A) Alfa Romeo 147