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09 Dec 2012

European Rallycross Challenge

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ERC24 was informed that “there will be a European Rallycross Challenge in 2013, no matter what has been claimed before”. Time will tell, but here is some pre-information straight from the challenge promoter, rather than hearsay.


The first written information about an alternative series to the 2013 European Rallycross Championship (RX) came up during the 2012 ERC Finale in Buxtehude on Saturday, September 29 when an unsigned press release was distributed by a wellknown Rallycross official to just a few by then present people in the Estering press centre. As the paper carried no name nor indication of where it came from it was subsequently claimed to be set-up rumours, produced to disturb the work of those who were busy to work on the future of Rallycross. However, after Buxtehude there was no other written information for ‘Joe Public’ from those people who worked on the challenge project, but now time is ripe and ERC24 able to release some of the information that we were given over the past weeks.

On Saturday, November 1 representatives of six international Rallycross organisers and some ASN members had a meeting in Holland where they agreed to launch a European Rallycross Challenge in 2013. The new series of events will be held in central Europe, to be run at at least six different venues. So far the French ASN FFSA and the Dutch ASN KNAF have already commited to the new challenge, other federations are said to follow soon. The challenge is claimed to become recognised by the FIA under the rules for ‘International Series’, the six provisional dates to be found below. The “alternative ERC” will host the three known categories SuperCars, Super1600s and TouringCars, but should see some changes and improvements to the former format.

The challenge was initiated and will be run by the Dutch ASN KNAF. Its motto reads “Rallycross the way it’s meant to be”, and together with adjusted rules and friendly entry fees it is claimed to be the Rallycross of the future. Those new regulations should be friendlier, clearer and are based on 40 years of Rallycross experience. Rules that are difficult to control will be deleted and the winners will be awarded with attractive round and championship prizes. The total prize money for 2013 is announced to be of more than €100,000.00.

The European Rallycross Challenge (ERC) will see open paddocks and will be promoted to the big crowd from one central organisation. A uniform appearance and promotion will add to the awareness of the competition. All traditional and modern communication will be used: TV contacts will be approached and races will be made available through live streaming!


  • 2013 European Rallycross Challenge (ERC) Calendar:
  • 20.04.–21.04. Wachauring at Melk (Austria)
  • 18.05.–19.05. Circuit des Ducs at Essay (France)
  • 27.07.–28.07. Circuit de Kerlabo at Cohiniac (France)
  • 10.08.–11.08. Duivelsbergcircuit at Maasmechelen (Belgium)
  • 17.08.–18.08. Eurocircuit at Valkenswaard (The Netherlands)
  • 28.09.–29.09. Autodrom Česká Lípa at Sosnová (Czech Republic)
  • Note: The challenge organisers are keen to hear from other interested venues!


Photo: The Eurocircuit at Valkenswaard in Holland is set to host one of the 2013 European Rallycross Challenge events. © QBA/ERC24