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19 Dec 2012

PR: Set Promotion

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Set Promotion has won the Pro Motorsport Finlandia award from the Finnish ASN AKK Motorsport.


Set Promotion, who competes in Rally and Rallycross, has won the ‘Pro Motorsport Finlandia’ award. The award is given to a person or an organisation that has successfully promoted Finnish motorsports abroad. It is issued by AKK Motorsport.

“This is a great and valuable recognition. For a while now we have been working professionally, ambitiously and successfully in Finland as well as in Europe. In terms of Rallycross this is a great thing for the sport itself,” says team manager Jussi Pinomäki.

The past season the team from Turku won the European Rallycross Championship (Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud with Renault Twingo Mk2) as well as finishing third (Finn Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme with Renault Clio Mk2). Overall Set Promotion has won four Finnish championships and six European championships, in addition to 11 medals.

“We employ twelve people and every one of them deserves this award. This is not my award, it belongs to the whole team. We enjoy working and have fun, while take things seriously and sensibly. I am also pleased on behalf of our sponsors,” emphasises Pinomäki.

In addition to racing Set Promotion sells and builds Renault race cars and their parts. Set Promotion will announce its programme, equipment and drivers for 2013 in the next few weeks. In the past season there were six different drivers in Set Promotion cars competing in the ERC.


  • Set Promotion’s Rallycross achievements:
  • 2003: Jussi Pinomäki (FIN) ERC 3rd
  • 2004: Jussi Pinomäki (FIN) ERC 1st
  • 2005: Jussi Pinomäki (FIN) ERC 1st; SRC 1st
  • 2006: Jussi Pinomäki (FIN) ERC 3rd
  • 2008: Jussi Pinomäki (FIN) ERC 1st
  • 2009: Timur Timerzyanov (RUS) ERC 3rd
  • 2010: Timur Timerzyanov (RUS) ERC 1st
  • 2010: Andreas Bakkerud (N) ERC 3rd
  • 2011: Andreas Bakkerud (N) ERC 1st
  • 2012: Andreas Bakkerud (N) ERC 1st
  • 2012: Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme (FIN) ERC 3rd
  • Set Promotion’s Ice-racing achievements:
  • 2000: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Ice-racing 3rd
  • 2001: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Ice-racing 1st
  • 2002: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Ice-racing 2nd
  • Set Promotion’s Rallying achievements:
  • 2004: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Rallying 2nd
  • 2005: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Rallying 3rd
  • 2005: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Junior’s Rallying 1st
  • 2006–2008: Finnish Juniors and Junior World Championships
  • 2009: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Rallying 3rd
  • 2010: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN) FIN Rallying 1st
  • 2011: Kalle Pinomäki (FIN FIN Rallying 1st


Photo: Set Promotion Team Principal Jussi Pinomäki. © Toni Ollikainen/ERC24