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05 Nov 2012

PR: Magda Motors AB

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14 years old Rallycross girl Magda Andersson about her first JRX Cup year and what the team expects from next season.


The season started for the 14 year old girl Magda Andersson and her team with a travel to the ERC round in Austria, for the press conference of the new Rallycross class JRX, in which Magda were supposed to drive in 2012.

The press conference in Austria went great, and the first race was scheduled to be the Norwegian ERC round at the Lånkebanen in Hell. But things didn’t turn out as they should and due to some lost packages from Canada, the JRX class contenders weren’t able to have their premiere at the set date. The drivers decided instead to show their cars under the whole weekend and there was an enormous interest from the audience. The youngsters also drove a couple of laps in the prototype during the lunch break (by then only the prototype had all the necessary parts already).

Therefore, the first race was postponed to the next race at the famous Höljesbanan track in Sweden. The teams and the JRX organisation worked extremely hard under the weekend to get the vehicles in order and eventually the cars were ready for driving. “I’ve driven all the laps, except a half the last four races and I’m so thankful to my team and the JRX family. It’s really important for the class to have reliable cars because of the low age of the drivers”, says Magda.

Team boss Håkan Andersson is also positive. “Next year we really look forward to be part of the IMG serries and to arrive at the first race very well prepared,” he says. “We’re going to sell the car that Magda has driven this year and buy a new one for the next season. One opportunity for next year is also to make it possible to rent or run a car from our team if we find any suitable driver for it,” Magda’s father Håkan continues.

Magda: “I want to thank my sponsors, for making my journey possible and for supporting me 100%. I want to thank the JRX family also for supporting me and the JRX series 100%. Especially Marc Laboulle for sharing his knowledge and for his huge interest and heart for the sport. I want to thank my team Michael Wilstermann and Frank Cuba for all the help with the maintenance and for being the funniest persons to travel with. Last not least I want to thank all my supporters and fans with all your comments and thoughts. I hope to see you in the team tent next year also.”


Photo: Magda Andersson pictured during the drivers briefing in Holland. © QBA/ERC24