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17 Jun 2012

New challenge soon

Posted Sunday, June 17th, 2012 by

Invited by ERC24 the 2004 and 2005 European champion and Set Promotion team principal Jussi Pinomäki is sharing exclusive information with all our readers here:


Moro (Hello) all you ERC24 fans! I’m sitting in the airport of Helsinki at the moment (5.50am), and beautiful morning sun is shining over Finland! But summer brake is over, and it’s time to continue with racing.

We are heading to Belgium, where normally the competition has been extremly tight. The track there is basicly quite simple, which results that the differences are often marginal.

On the other hand, that is just perfect! We will most likely see enjoyable racing, and hard battles for the top positions.

Our team will have five cars in Super1600s now, as our JRX aces Teemu Suninen and Joni Wiman decided to leave JRX and move to a higher class already. We will see how these young boys will do in their first real Rallycross race…

We actually stopped the summer brake already last week, and spent two days at one of the tracks in Finland, where we’ve tried to find some more speed for the remaining races. It was also important that the drivers got some meters to do before the next race.

So, an interesting weekend ahed of us, especially, when it looks like it there will be rain again. I think we have used more rain tyres this year, than we have used totally during the past seven years. Hopefully it goes well for all of our drivers, and that all the remaining races can be raced on the tracks, NOT in the stewards rooms!




Set Promotion




Terve! This will be my opening ‘column’ for all you ERC24 fans out there. With my future postings I will keep you informed about the stories from inside our Set Promotion team here. I’m actually not really a story teller, and in the long gone school days often found my place in the back of the classroom, but hopefully I’m able to come up with some interesting stories…

We’re living in interesting (read: busy) times these days. Just six days to go and we’re facing the biggest challenge for our team so far. The title chase in Super1600 will reach its half-way stage in the coming race in Norway. In the past, the 5th and 6th race of the series have often been the turning point of the season, so it will be important to score maximum results. The atmosphere in these two races have always been something unique, so I’m really looking forward to the races in Hell and Höljes.

This year the competition in S1600 seems harder than ever, which makes our team really motivated. We have won three out of four races yet, but I still feel that no-one has been completely satisfied so far. In every race there was a lot to improve, even though the results have most of the times been good. But I rate this only positive; if you are happy while thinking that you could have done things even better, you will never get better. So, we need to keep on working hard, but with a smile on our faces!

Also the long awaited JRX Cup class will see its start in Norway. We are going to have three drivers in that new category too, so the team will be nearly double as big for the remaining races of the season. We have not yet had the chance to test with the JRX cars, but that will happen next Tuesday in Sweden. And I can tell you, we have three young drivers who are really waiting for all this to begin!

But after what we already saw in Austria a couple of weeks ago I expect it will be great fun for the young drivers, and for the spectators alike. I can’t wait to see seven of these JRX cars on the track at the same time!

So, there are some interesting races ahead of us. Hopefully they turn out good for our team and produce lots of great memories for every Rallycross fan around.

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