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23 Mar 2013

“Nice and it sounds good”

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Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme had his first ever outing in a Rallycross SuperCar yesterday, when he tested a Ford Focus Mk2 at the Eurocircuit in Holland.


The young Finn was impressed with the car, that he is going to rent from Belgian Koen Pauwels: “I like it , it is nice and fast and the car sounds good too”. When ERC24 asked him what impressed him most the rather quiet man answered “the power” with a big grin on his face. The test was all about getting used to the powerful machinery. Leppihalme: “I think it will take me maybe two races to get the right feeling for the car.”

To help him with the suspension set-up and the drive-train Dutch specialist Chiel Bos was also present. Bos took the seat beside “Juspe” for many a lap to give the Finn tips on how to handle the sheer power of a SuperCar, not without being impressed with the young driver. “He is definitely a quick learner and did not show any fear”, according to Bos. Pauwels, who had the intention to accompany a young and rising star driver to the top in Rallycross, feels that he made the right choice with Leppihalme. “He is such a motivated young driver and he really impressed me today.”

This season is all about trying to learn about the SuperCar. How many outings there will be for the so far Super1600 regular is still an open question. “We do not have the budget for the whole season yet. But we will have a meeting the coming week, so we will know more then”, Leppihalme explained. The ERX round at Kouvola in his native Finland is already certain, and so is Lydden Hill, where the opening round will be held next weekend. The former Set Promotion driver is anxious for that first race. “Lydden Hill is a good circuit to start with. Because of my background in Karting I think it suits me very much”.

Leppihalme will have another day of test drives in Valkenswaard tomorrow, March 24, where there is a pre-season testday with more than 100 other drivers expected.