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04 Dec 2013

Lousada: Fancy RX track?

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The Rallycross venue Eurocircuito de Lousada in Portugal is for sale and if YOU fancy being a Rallycross circuit owner it would need 1.65 million Euros to make your dream come true.


After a hint from Norway we understood from Portugal that the legendary former European Rallycross Championship venue in Lousada near Porto is up for sale now. The group of land owners has decided to sell their shares in the Eurocircuito de Lousada, the track has been offered for a total of 1.65 million Euros. After finding the venue advertised on a Norwegian website we checked with our friends in Portugal, members of the former ERC round organisers Clube Automóvel de Lousada (CAL). Jose Carlos de Bessa Machado, one of those enthusiasts who brought the motorsport of Rallycross in the early 1990s to Portugal and Lousada, is the general manager of the company who owns the circuit. He has been chosen to be the official broker, the only person authorised to eventually sell the circuit, and can be contacted via his email address – but no time wasters, please! ;-)


Photo: 20,000+ spectators watched Martin Schanche (Ford RS200) winning the 1992 ERC round at Lousada. © EL/ERC24