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08 Apr 2012

Start line issues delay first round

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First qualifying heat of ERC opener postponed until tomorrow morning due to continuing problems with the false start detector system on the Lydden Hill Race Circuit starting grid.


Proceedings grounded to a halt today at Lydden Hill. The route to the first qualifying heat had gone to plan, but as stacks of Super1600 drivers began to queue ready to participate in their heat one, officials confirmed that there were problems with the technology used to detect false starts. An agitated Liam Doran arrived on scene to lend a hand, but time had run out. “At the moment we don’t know why the system is not working,” commented Liam Doran.


With an 18.00h cut off point rapidly approaching, race officials had no other choice but to delay today’s scheduled heat till tomorrow morning.


The first qualification runnings will now take place early tomorrow morning.



Here the amended time schedule for tomorrow: 

09.00h: Warm-up

09.30h: 1st heat, followed by 2nd heat

13.00h: 3rd heat

14.30h: Drivers’ presentation and autograph session

15.00h: Finals