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09 Apr 2012

“Stecka” takes second heat

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Swedish driver Stig-Olov “Stecka” Walfridsson took a well-deserved fastest race time in the second SuperCar heat. Andy Scott leads the British rebellion, grabbing second fastest. Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme in Super1600s, TouringCars won by Derek Tohill.


Stig-Olov Walfridsson took a well-deserved win, in the last race of the second heat. The race was initially restarted after a false start by Pavel Koutný. Upon the restart, heat one winner Tanner Foust, this time got off to bad start. The American quickly made up lost time and led the chase for Walfridsson, but the American could not pass Walfridsson, exiting the Joker Lap narrowly behind the Swede. Andy Scott smoothly won his race to take second fastest. Scott avoided danger in a race that saw Hansen Motorsport driver, Alexander Hvaal veer directly into a tyre wall near the end of the race, and becoming a non-finisher. Davy Jeanney also became a casualty, taking a hit on Chesson’s Drift. There was a surprise third place for Pat Doran. After failing to start heat one, Doran got his C4 out on track, gaining a very competitive time. Son Liam was again caught up in controversy. The Monster Energy driver initially made contact with Norwegian Guttorm Lindefjell and was then involved in a collision with the driver immediately at the end of the race, causing Lindefjell to veer off-road. Walfridsson now leads into heat three, Andy Scott follows. A heat one win, places Tanner Foust third.


In the Super1600 class, Set Promotion driver Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme was quickest. The Finn beat Polish competitor Krzysztof Skorupski. Dane Ulrik Linnemann again finished in the top three, marginally quicker than Russian Vadim Makarov. Youngster “Juspe” Leppihalme now leads into heat three with three points on his qualification account.


In TouringCars, Irishman Derek Tohill was quicker than Czech challenger, Roman Častoral. The Opel campaigner dominated heat one, but was this time narrowly slower. Norwegian Tom Daniel Tånevik showed great car control in his Mazda RX-8, and took third fastest. Swede Lars Rosendahl and Dutch Rallycross lady Mandy Kasse were both non-finishers.