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27 May 2012

TT wins Austria

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Russian Timur Timerzyanov wins Austria from Norwegian HM team comrade Alexander Hvaal and Frenchman Davy Jeanney. Dane Ulrik Linnemann makes the Super1600s class his while Swede Robin Larsson wins his maiden ERC round in TouringCars.

The Austrian ERC weekend at Greinbach is over. The A final of the SuperCars witnessed four Citroën drivers winning. After Italo-Dutchman Jos Kuijpers was send to Parc Fermé, due to a jump start at the first start attempt, only seven competitors shot into the first corner of the last race of the day. Early leader was Frenchman Davy Jeanney, but when the C4 driver went too wide in a corner near the Joker Lap section it was Russian Timur Timerzyanov who powered his DS3 to the front of the field, dog-hounded by his Hansen Motorsport team colleague Alexander Hvaal from Norway. However, the advantage of the pair came never under danger again and while the Russian eventually took the chequered flag first the Norwegian youngster impressed once again by becoming his runner-up.

After an infight with Brit Liam Doran Belgian Michaël De Keersmaecker had to throw in his towel. Swede Peter Hedström lost one drive-shaft very early in the A final, a second one was gone after his car was hit by another car. So when the race was over after six laps just five drivers had made the finish and the following order behind the Hansen Motorsport duo was Davy Jeanney, Liam Doran and Austrian homeboy Peter Ramler who had won the B final from Michaël De Keersmaecker.

Among the Super1600 A finalists it was Dane Ulrik Linnemann who drove a quite clever race. The Peugeot 207 driver took his Joker Lap detour already in the first lap and in the proceedings never lost contact to the leading Renault trio Andreas Bakkerud, Ildar Rakhmatullin and Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme. When the three leaders jokered in the fifth and the sixth lap time was ripe for their hunter who eventually won his first ever ERC round ahead of Bakkerud, Rakhmatullin and Leppihalme.

The TouringCars class saw a little sensation when Robin Larsson, the offspring of double European champion Lars “Stinsen” Larsson, won his first ever European round outright. As the engine had not been ready in due time for the British and the French ERC rounds young Larsson jumped on the ERC bandwagon in Greinbach to prove the whole weekend that he is keen and able to walk in the shoes of his retired dad. However, Greinbach could have been won by Irishman Derek Tohill who, while leading, spun his Ford Fiesta in the Joker Lap section to drop down to fifth place.


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